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Contract Lifecycle Management Briefing
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When someone mention Contracts, do you visualize typewriters (very old) or a MS Word document (somewhat new!). Does the visual get enhanced with paper work changing hands, red ink underlines, crossed out terms and pages peppered with notes?
Yes, that's how contracts are traditionally done.
Visualize this on a tablet. Created in word, emailed for review, redlined online, workflow approved and electronically signed. No paper! Enter CLM – contracts lifecycle management. A new breed of tools, many on Cloud platforms, is today transforming the traditional paperwork into an entirely online and time saving process. From the silo of a legal department, CLM automation brings contracts into the mainstream – completely connected with your Q2C process, picking up where the quote approves and ending with the beginning of order execution; plus renewals management. If you want to connect your contracts into your sales process and turnaround closures faster, read our briefing on CLM automation.

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