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The Art of creating a Quote – simplified
The Art of creating a Quote – simplified
The best way to keep your customer's attention – giving them what's relevant. That includes the quote. Ask yourself – can your sales rep quote from a set of configuration choices, be presented with pricing relevant to the sale and better yet be guided towards the right product configuration?
Quoting on spreadsheets and word processors, or worse paper, is yesterday.

Today companies have a wide selection of software solutions to automate their quoting, many on Cloud
platforms. CPQ (configure, price, quote) solutions are transforming how companies quote, enhance their offer presentation to customers and bringing accuracy into the quoting process. Results – shortened quote cycles, presentation of informed choices and application of valid prices and financial offers. Bundle policy compliance and enforcement of business rules, CPQ provides you with the platform to launch and execute your sales process.Read how Cloud based automation solutions can transform your quoting in our CPQ briefing. You are 5 boxes away from downloading our briefing, please fill this information and we will email the CPQ Transformation briefing to you.