Cloudely, Inc
You have a business challenge or a business improvement opportunity. Cloudely wants to be the solution provider that addresses your business needs. Cloudely offers a full range of implementation services from quick-starts to large scale program/project based full-cycle implementation. Our goal is to be that trusted partner that you can always depend on to deliver value now and in the future.

While every engagement is unique, our process follows these tenets:

We don't start from technical requirements. Our goal is to solve your business needs — we want to understand what drives your business and what will be a win for you. From there, using our best practices expertise, we construct the right solution to meet your needs in the fastest way possible.

Our process is fast, iterative and designed with multiple touch points so you can contribute and evaluate progress at any step. For projects, we believe in a phased approach so that you achieve alignment fast. This approach minimizes project risk, increases efficiency and ensures alignment from step one.

We believe the completion of any task or project is just the beginning. We want to ensure that our work results in a long term, sustainable solution. To that end we:

  • Always leverage native features whenever possible so that your system is as easily maintainable as possible
  • Perform strong knowledge transfer and training o Provide a roadmap for additional improvements, where applicable so you know where you are and what more can be done to make your business run better

Our People

➜ Are certified Salesforce and Partner AppExchange App Administrators and Consultants
➜ Are exclusively focused on Salesforce platform and AppExchange applications related in the area of Prospect to Customer
➜ Have extensive experience across diverse corporate environments and industries
➜ Have solid understanding of business processes and system governance
➜ Have domain expertise in: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Configure, Pricing and Quoting (CPQ), Product Life Cycle (PLC) management and more…

Our expert services continue to help companies make the right decisions surrounding cloud technology for today while positioning them for tomorrow's breakthroughs. Designing your Salesforce strategy is like preparing for a marathon; you don't just lace up your shoes and start running – you need a coach to help you execute your strategy, reach the finish line and attain your medal.