Cloudely, Inc
By Business Function
Better Sales execution is about maximum enablement. Get your sales teams focused on the customer, their needs and solutions to acquire a lasting relationship.

We can help enable your teams with front line CPQ solutions, integrated seamlessly to back-end systems to create a unified flow from lead to cash. Get your sales in front of the customer, armed with tools to create tailored quotes, with product structuring choices using configuration and pricing tools that reflect your revenue policies. Using cloud and mobility solutions, we can get your sales and sales ops become more nimble, responsive and effective in converting opportunities to real revenue.
Make the win sweeter, with a faster translation of a quote to a signed contract. Realize revenue opportunities now, without having delays from silo legal process execution.

Our team at Cloudely has deep expertise with bringing contracts management into the heart of Quote to Cash business execution. We can keep your legal and finance teams connected through the flow of activities during the quoting stages, collaborate effectively with sales, share information and guidance on pricing, revenue and legal terms and accelerate contracts with real time reviews and approvals.

Get your customer online too, reviewing contracts on a browser, red-line or comment on T's & C's and e-signed closed contracts.
Bring in real time collaboration, reviews, approvals and governance of corporate policies. This is more than just an integration of systems.

At Cloudely, we help our customers align process to business needs, with the goal of a quick, efficient revenue acquisition and realization cycle. Involving the right stake holders gets your work done upfront. Whether its deciding what product configuration to present on a quote, or determine if the pricing exception will break a revenue rule or a payment term modification impacts revenue recognition, managing the routine, the variations and exceptions is much simpler when your teams are aligned and execute business flows on a shared platform.