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More than 50% of customers say their advisors don't have the technology to meet their needs.
PWC – Rebooting Wealth Management, 2015

If you're in a banking or a financial services business, this is a wake-up message. Technology, mobile and on the cloud, is where your competition is headed, with your customers.
Do you want your customers –
1) To have an informed Account Advisor, who knows their portfolio and needs intimately
2) To get access to real time account summary and details of their accounts with you
3) To be able to communicate their needs & expectations to you
4) To access routing account information leaving interactions with you for meaningful conversations

Do you want enabled Advisors who –
1) Can have a comprehensive and complete account picture when having conversations with your customers
2) Collaborate real time, effortlessly across internal organizations to better meet customer needs
3) Process, manage and collaborate tasks and notes to get customer activities more organized

Would you like actionable intelligence at your finger tips, real time, all the time?

If you answered Yes, you are ready to transform how you as an institution interact and communicate with customers. Call us and we will engage with you on a transformation journey that helps you win and keep happy customers.

Cloudely is a leading Salesforce partner and our team has helped customers in the Financial Services space make the change to a digital enterprise. For you, we offer Business Process Advisory, Solution Selection, Roadmap Development, Deployment, Support and Extension.
Hi-tech is as complex as the products it sells – hardware, software, services. Managing products, configuration, channels, supply chain and the constant need to innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

In this difficult and dynamic environment, companies need to be as efficient in executing their business, as they are in innovating and bringing new offerings to the market. Engaging customers, solving problems by structuring the right offerings, keeping the customer acquisition cycle simple and continually having information to be ahead of your competition, with your customers, go a long way in better business execution.

Cloudely helps hi-tech companies scale their processes, introduce efficiency through automation, derive insight from analytics and manage business systems on the Cloud. With our deep experience in this sector, we are a partner of choice to help you manage complex product configuration, pricing challenges, contracts automation, revenue operations and end-to-end Quote to Cash automation.

We offer Business Process Advisory, Solution Selection, Roadmap Development, Deployment, Support and Extension.

Call us for a conversation on how we can transform your business execution, on the Cloud.
"…the advent of smartphones, cloud computing, and global connectivity has created a universe of consumers accustomed to everything from checking bank balances, making purchases, and watching movies on mobile devices.Increasingly, those consumers wonder why health systems cannot provide similar service innovations…"

– Mckinsey& Co. (January 2016)
Cloud computing is driving technological advances to all sectors rapidly and at fractional costs to building internal systems capabilities. Healthcare is no exception, but are you ready for automation that will bring –

1. Increased customer satisfaction from personalized patient services
2. Real time synchronization amongst all parties involved in attending to a single patient
3. Reduced time to understand patient needs and improved response to patient care
4. Connected patients, healthcare provider and 3rd party services, all viewing the same, relevant information
5. Reduced effort for care provider from patients directly accessing and providing information for their care

If these are your goals for the millennium in healthcare, you should already be updated on cloud computing, the Salesforce platform and the AppExchange. Talk to us at Cloudely, we help Healthcare providers, suppliers of medical equipment, pharma and 3rd party service providers alike. Our expertise with industry processes, process rationalization and the Salesforce platform makes us a partner of choice to transform your business execution.

For you, we offer Business Process Advisory, Solution Selection, Roadmap Development, Deployment, Support and Extension.


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