How to Engage Remote Workforce?

COVID-19 has not only changed our lives but has also redefined pretty much everything that the world had taken for granted. From introducing social distancing to pushing businesses and work remote, the pandemic has directly impacted a multitude of things and forced humankind to change.

On a positive note, businesses are now continuing their operations, thanks to the remote workforce. In this backdrop, one of the biggest concerns for businesses now is “How to engage remote workforce?

Engaging the Remote Workforce: Why is it Important?

Before we dive into a list of methods to engage a remote workforce, we must understand why it is crucial. Understanding  why a remote workforce should be engaged and how it would help your organization would allow you to reassess your remote workforce engagement plan.

Here is why remote workforce engagement is crucial:

Employee Productivity: It is an obvious fact that engaged employees are likely to be more productive. Furthermore, productive employees show consistent results and lead to more revenue.

Better Success Rate: As per an article in Harvard Business Review, an engaged workforce would create at least double the success rate. Plus, the employees are more like to provide a better quality of work.

Talent Retention: An organization with robust employee engagement would function better as an organization. With a well-implemented engagement plan for the workforce, an organization can retain valuable talent.

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What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the “emotional” commitment the employees have towards the organization and its goals. In other words, employee engagement is similar to making an employee feel comfortable at their work. It revolves around the concept of boosting employee comfort by creating better facilities to them.

For an organization to create an “engaging” environment, it needs to perform many activities from time to time to keep up the employee morale.

Tips to Engage Remote Workforce

With the pandemic making matters trying, the world has seen a rise in remote workers. Since a higher proportion of the existing workforce opted for remote work, it became essential for employers, managers, and organizations to improve employee engagement.

If you are looking for feasible ideas about “How to engage remote workforce?” then you are in the right place. Here are some creative options to increase work engagement for the remote workforce:

Staying Communicated with Video Calls

The remote workforce needs just as much engagement as the regular workforce. With work moving away from offices, remote employees find it hard to stay in touch with others. Working from home has forced everyone to work in isolation. This is why scheduling more calls and video calls will help the employees to stay in touch with each other.

However, an organization must remember to moderate its count of meetings. While too many meetings might make the remote employees feel antsy, too few can create a communication gap. Striking the balance is the key here.

Providing Collaborative Tools

One of the biggest concerns for remote employees has been the lack of context and clear goals. Such lack of clarity leads to a loss of engagement and motivation to work. Thus, when it comes to finding an easy answer to “How to engage remote workforce?” nothing beats providing collaborative tools to the remote workforce. A powerful collaboration tool would help the teams to stay connected as well as aids them in reaching goals.

Rewards are Vital for Remote Workforce

The key to the “How to engage remote workforce?” puzzle is to create enduring value as well as an environment of mutual respect for employees.  Just like traditional work environments, a remote workforce requires motivation and upliftment.

The best way to engage any employee and workforce is by appreciating them. Rewarding hard work and results would create an environment that is naturally motivating. In the same way, rewarding remote employees would help in uplifting the remote work culture and make it more encouraging.

Prioritizing Communications among Team Members

To engage a remote workforce, the digital workplace of the organization should be open for communication. Creating clear communication channels – horizontal, vertical, and downward – should be prioritized.

Unlike brick-and-mortar offices where people could reach out to other departments should communication channels not work, the same is not possible for the remote workforce. Hence, creating a network of open communication channels would allow a consistent flow of information. Additionally, an effective communication system would let employees to establish better relationships with their given teams.

Creating Healthy Work-Life Balance

Although organizations look for easy ways to solve “How to engage remote workforce?”, they forget to address one of the most important things at hand – “work-life balance.” Organizations can offer flexibility to help the employees find the right balance and pace for their work. Additionally, work from home kind of scenarios brings multiple factors into play. Consequently, leaving room for flexibility has become extremely important.

Furthermore, offering autonomy in decision making and work schedules can help the organization to motivate and engage the remote workers. Nothing makes employees happier than the freedom to work and reach goals.

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How to Engage Remote Workforce: Activities, Ways, and Methods

Most organizations struggle to find the right activity when posed with the dilemma, “How to engage remote workforce?”. Here are some ways, methods, and activities that apply to any organization and team for better results:

Corrective Feedback 

As per a Harvard Business Review article, most remote employees feel motivated to work with corrective feedback than with praises. Creating a system of providing suggestions and improvement tips to the employees would aid remote workforce engagement.

Keeping up the Morale with TGIF Meetings

A quick fix to “How to engage remote workforce?” is to create weekly meetings that let your remote workforce talk openly. TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) Meetings would help teams and departments to reconnect with other team members. They would also create space for some fun activities. These meetings should be consistent and happen every week, while involvement could be up to employees.

Some activities in TGIF meetings for effective engagement of remote workforce can include:

  • Question and answer sessions to clear out doubts; this would create transparency among the team members.
  • Playing virtual games with team members to keep up the spirits.
  • Sharing personal thoughts regarding on-going projects or offer advice regarding the same.

Small Talk is just as Imperative as Briefing

Trying to solve the “How to engage remote workforce?” mystery without considering the employee’s emotions and mental state would never work. Managers need to remember that the remote workforce would need more than just regular updates on projects.

Small talk works for remote workers; it allows them to relax and understand that the higher-ups care about them, their mental health, and personal well-being. Managers who do not ask about their employees well-being may appear negligent, and the remote workers may not feel motivated enough to work in the organization.

Fun and Games

While crafting the strategy for “How to engage remote workforce?”, the managers or team leaders should include fun games. They destress employees and the fun trophies they win help raise their morale.

Additionally, creating special tournaments for TGIF meetings or once every fifteen days would help the employees to stay de-stressed and enjoy their work. These fun trophies would allow the employees to look forward to specific events and would help them to enjoy their work.

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Things to keep in mind: Remote Workforce Engagement Strategy

Creating a plan or a system to engage a remote workforce is a meticulous task. To ensure that the plan for remote workforce engagement is sturdy, here are some tips:

  • Communication is always a crucial part for engagement. Hence, clear communication channels should be facilitated.
  • The remote workforce should be encouraged through appreciation and rewards.
  • Team leaders, managers, and higher-ups should motivate remote teams to participate in meetings and activities.
  • Collaboration should be facilitated through a variety of means, traditional and creative.

All things considered, the question of “How to engage remote workforce?” has been perplexing businesses for a long time. As the world moves towards remote work, the need to find the right balance of work and fun has become extremely important in today’s time.

As COVID-19 appears to stay here for a while, workplaces have no choice but to devise ways that let their employees stay productive and healthy. Flexible rules, creative plans, and systematic changes should be facilitated throughout the organization. Communication has always been important, and even more so in this time of crisis. As it was with engaged employees in traditional office structure, the results and benefits of employee engagement remain the same for the remote workforce as well.

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