14 Recruiting Tools Every Recruiter Should Leverage

Recruiting life is undeniably hectic. It demands intense planning, scheduling, and a streamlined flow at every step. Recruiting tools make the recruiter’s workflow seamless. Though they started as a nice-to-have for recruiters, in these ever-evolving times, recruiting tools are turning into a valuable addition in making their jobs smoother. 

This article outlines a range of recruiting tools that hiring managers must have in their toolkit. Recommendations are in no way exhaustive; we aim to provide an idea about recruiting tools and their features to the recruiters to make their daily tasks more manageable.

Job Aggregators

Putting it simply, these are the search engines for job postings. Info Recruitics research suggests that recruiters hire nearly 50% of candidates through job aggregators. These sites scan other job boards and put together job listings into a single interface for the candidate to search. Recruiters can easily find potential candidates by posting a job ad on the following job aggregators: 


With more than 250 million candidates, Indeed tops the list of recruiting tools. 

Simple and easy-to-use features: Recruiters can post job advertisements at no cost. Indeed comes with an innate ATS that helps recruiters manage job applications with ease. Recruiters can also specify the questions they wish to ask candidates on the job board itself. This feature ensures that candidates answer all the questions before submitting their applications. 

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is turning into one of the must-have recruiting tools because candidates are eagerly looking to connect with recruiters at their dream companies.

  • Connect with candidates: LinkedIn’s feature of directly getting in touch with recruiters is unique and not seen on other job boards. 
  • Easy Apply: Candidates can apply directly on LinkedIn without worrying about filling out their profile time and again for each job posting. LinkedIn’s easy apply option makes this possible. 


SimplyHired is one of the best-recruiting tools. It allows recruiters to post as many postings for job postings as they wish for free.

  • Contact candidates for a nominal fee: When recruiters like a candidate’s profile and wish to contact them to make the application process further, SimplyHired charges a small fee. Currently, the cost is $4.99 per candidate. 


For premium jobs, recruiters can choose CareerJet as one of their recruiting tools. 

  • Explore the candidates from various countries and languages: This job aggregator searches for more than 55,000 websites and job listings across various job boards every day. The website itself translates the job postings into 28 languages. This is an attractive feature that extends the reach of a job post and increases the chances of a highly qualified applicant applying to the job. 
  • Variety of pricing: This website allows recruiters to choose from two pricing options. The first is to pay a flat fee of $100 to post a job for 45 days. Unlike other websites, this fee is the same throughout the world. The second option is to pay according to each visitor, which is currently $0.2 per click. 

Applicant Tracking Systems

Once recruiters have used recruiting tools to post jobs, the applications will start rolling in. At this point, recruiters will need a tracking system to keep on top of all the applications at all times. This is what an applicant tracking system (ATS) accomplishes. Here are some examples of ATS recruiters can give a try:


This is one of the best-recruiting tools because it allows recruiters to do more work with less complexity. 

  • No more hassles of tracking: With Smart Recruiters, tracking resumes and applications is easier than ever. Recruiters can also send applicants text reminders at a nominal fee. 
  • Pre-defined templates: This tool allows recruiters to send fixed templates and auto-replies to unqualified candidates and collect insights based on the applicant data. 


This ATS presents a single interface for emails and job listings that eases tracking the applicant’s status.

  • Build relationships: Bullhorn is one of the most productive recruiting tools because it helps recruiters build effective relationships with candidates. It also allows recruiters to reach out to candidates through their mobile phones. 
  • Flexibility in the workflow: Recruiters can also create notes immediately after interviews on Bullhorn for efficient follow-up.


Recruiters often post and recruit for multiple jobs at the same time. 

  • Track applicants: Jobvite makes it easy for recruiters to track the status of each applicant is in the application process. 
  • Modify applications: Recruiters can modify application forms and questions with the application with only a few clicks. They can also prioritize a few candidates over the others and reach out effectively. 

Human Capital Management (HCM) software

HCM software lets you manage and boost employee performances and make the most of their time at the company. Recruiters also use this as one of the recruiting tools to select the best candidates. 


Ceridian allows recruiters to lower the time they need to find the right candidate. 

  • Find the best candidates faster: Ceridian ranks and filters the best candidates from the applications so that the recruiters do not need to spend time searching through thousands of job applications. It also offers to scale the business while maintaining business security and quality.


Recruiters use Workday to make their hiring process seamless and without any roadblocks. 

  • A single interface for all needs: The service has all of its features in a single place, making it easy for recruiters to automate multiple workflows. It also allows recruiters to make informed decisions based on data that the service provides on the dashboard. 


ADP walks with recruiters every step of the way in the entire hiring process. 

  • Hire all kinds of candidates: This recruiting tool allows recruiters to search for candidates for all positions, including but not limited to hourly and full-time candidates. 
  • Get to know the market rate: A unique feature that ADP offers is the benchmark for candidate compensation. This feature helps recruiters understand the market rates and pitch a competitive pay that candidates cannot refuse. 
  • Perform tests: ADP also provides tools and resources for conducting background and drug tests. 

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CRM software

CRM software integrates the efforts of every recruiter into a single interface if an organization has multiple recruiters. They can use this software to optimize their time and efforts by automating their workflow. 

Zoho CRM

Zoho allows recruiters to use the software on a cloud, which means that the recruiter can access all the tools and resources from any location at any time. 

  • Inclusive hiring: Zoho emphasizes inclusive hiring. It helps recruiters hire a diverse set of candidates and increase their workplace diversity. The tool also assists in background screening, automates and optimizes the candidate hiring pipeline. 


Salesforce is an excellent recruiting tool for big companies with multiple recruiters. 

Optimal for multiple recruiters: In addition to helping recruiters stay one step ahead, the service also delivers a positive experience for candidates.

Effective communication: Salesforce recruiting tool cuts down the necessity of multiple software solutions and email messaging systems. The candidate can communicate during the whole hiring process using this single tool. Besides, its highly integrated software makes it easy to onboard new people and optimize the hiring process.

Recruiting tools to conduct video interviews

The world of online hiring demands efficient video recruiting tools. Here are some video interviewing tools that may come in handy for recruiters. 


It is not uncommon for candidates to apply from other countries for jobs and other postings. 

  • Overcome timezone conflicts: Recruiters may use VidCruiter to schedule interviews worldwide by considering the timezone differences. 
  • Optimal scheduling: The tool helps recruiters to plan and execute video interviews efficiently. They can set their availability before communicating with the candidate, and the candidates can choose among a set number of timings. Besides, recruiters can perform live interviews using this tool. They can also watch videos in their own time and space. 

XOR Review

This is one of the recruiting tools that allow recruiters to chat live with the candidates. 


Recruiting tools are here to change and evolve the way hiring is going to take place henceforth. The companies, candidates, and hiring managers should be ready to embrace them. 

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