8 Hiring Secrets Every Recruiter Should Know

Recruiters carry the pressure to select the right candidate for the role. Besides filling every vacancy as soon as possible, they must also find a fitting candidate who won’t leave sooner. Inarguably, this is a challenging task to accomplish. Fine combing through candidate profiles and posing tricky questions during interviews may not always suffice in realizing this.

With our staffing capabilities, we helped global firms in meeting their talent crunch. This post comprises some of the hiring secrets our high-calibre recruitment teams practice that make us the choicest staffing partner in India and the USA.

While these hiring secrets are not the magic solutions for every hiring challenge, we are sure you can adapt them to make your recruitment process less taxing. These hiring tips will guide you to find the best candidate quicker than traditional methods.

Secret #1: Leverage Employee Referrals

Seeking candidate profiles from already existing talented employees is a time-saving option. Employees who are happy working for your organization can help while recruiting new employees. Employee referral is, no wonder, one of Google’s hiring secrets.

Why does this work?

  • Since employees would not want to jeopardize their existing relationship with the organization, they are not likely to recommend any candidate who may not be a good fit.
  • Not only do they vouch for the organization, but they also provide a deeper insight into the candidate.

Hence, encourage employees who have an understanding of organizational functions and needs to refer candidates.

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Secret #2: Focus on Rehiring

In the scenarios of talent-crunch or time-crunch, previous employees can turn into a potential talent pool.

Check with proven past employees who left the organization on good terms. Find out whether they would be interested in re-joining the old (and hopefully, pleasant) atmosphere.

Why does this work?

  • Often employees leave an organization for personal reasons which have nothing to do with their inefficiency or a bad relationship with the organization.
  • Some employees leave to pursue a higher degree or for health-related issues. Some might feel like coming back should they hear again from you.

Besides, rehiring works out as an excellent strategy since recruiters already know the employee’s competence. Thus, this hiring technique may be more helpful than you imagine.

Secret #3: Keep Innovating

Tried and tested methods can be helpful. However, sometimes they can drive you into a corner. When trusted methods do not work out, it is time to improvise and innovate your hiring process.

Observe the hiring procedures of other organizations and find out their hiring secrets. What makes their hiring process stand out? How do they keep innovating it? Gather inputs and analyse them.

Why does this work?

  • Innovation is one of the underrated among the best hiring secrets. It drives recruiters to constantly improve their recruiting process and reach a wider pool of candidates.
  • You could even partner with a staffing company known for its innovation in hiring and recruitment.

Secret #4: Leverage Social Media

Leveraging social media is one of the hiring secrets of successful recruitersSocial media is a fabulous way to build professional relationships. LinkedIn is an excellent example of how professional connections thrive on a social platform. Hence, search for candidates on social media to cut down your hiring time.

Why does this work?

  • Social media transformed our lives long ago. Today, we live in a hyperconnected world.
  • With an ocean of information available at our fingertips, it does not make sense not to use it.
  • Besides, social media is a good way to build relationships with potential candidates.

Secret #5: Offer Coaching Culture

The recruitment process needs to adapt with time. In a few years, 75% of the workforce will comprise millennials. Hence, it is indispensable to keep their preferences in mind.

A coaching culture refers to creating a mentor-mentee relationship rather than a superior-subordinate relationship. Creating a coaching culture helps millennials learn on the job.

Why does this work?

  • Millennials don’t want a boss. Nor do they love working for a company for the sake of a job. Millennials value personal growth as much as they care about their organization. Offering a coaching culture is, in fact, one of the hiring secretsof organizations to stay agile with changing trends.
  • Creating such a culture helps employees feel appreciated. It motivates them to work harder. They will start to see their work as a part of their professional growth and not that they have to do solely for the company.

Hence, creating a coaching culture helps not only to attract better candidates but also in employee retention.

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Secret #6: Get the Job Posting Right

Focusing on preparing an attention-grabbing job description is one of the often-ignored hiring secrets. Without an accurate job posting, you may not be able to attract desirable candidates. Job seekers with relevant skills may often overlook your job advert as they feel it does not match their skillset.

Why does this work?

  • The first step in recruitment for a position is to draft a job description. However, when you have little to no knowledge about the role, creating the right one may be challenging.
  • To get an accurate job description, talk to the employee who has worked in similar positions before. Inputs from teammates and employees in a vertical position help you understand what the company expects the candidate to deliver.
  • Understanding the role and its duties helps you draft an accurate job description. It ensures that only candidates ready to fulfil all requirements apply for the position. Thus, it cuts down the time in filtering candidate profiles too.

Secret #7: Build Relationships

Do your research and build a good relationship with all candidates. Learn more about them from their professional social media profiles so you can ask them relevant questions during the interviews.

Ensure that you take a genuine interest in what they say and provide cues to show you listen to them.

Alongside, follow up with candidates, even if they do not get the job. Take their feedback regarding the recruitment process to understand how you can improve and what it may be lacking.

How does this help?

  • Throughout the recruitment process, it is necessary to build good relationships with the candidates.
  • Just because a candidate is not fit for any current openings does not mean that they won’t be a good fit for future positions.
  • It is one of the hiring secrets that may help your organization in the long term too. This is also a great way to succeed in remote hiring.

Secret #8: Review Offboarding Procedure

Improving the offboarding procedure is one of the hiring secrets most companies overlook. Recruiters must understand why the offboarding process is crucial and improvise it with feedback of leaving employees.

Why does this work? 

Your recruitment process may be flawless. But if employees do not leave the company on a good note, they will most likely not recommend your company to their connections. Not only that, in some situations, they may actively dissuade people from joining the organization because of a sub-standard offboarding process.

  • Hence, it is just as essential for you to build a good relationship with an employee who may be leaving your firm as it is with a new employee.
  • When you have a systemized offboarding procedure in place, it helps employees feel appreciated. They are more likely to recommend desirable candidates to join your organization, making the recruitment process much effective.
  • Additionally, when an employee leaves an organization on a good note, they are more likely to return to the organization.

As mentioned earlier, one of the best hiring secrets is to contact former employees. When the offboarding process is good, employees leave with a favourable impression of the organization. And hence, they would be eager to go back to a familiar and welcoming environment.

Wrapping Up

Finding a match made in heaven for roles in your organization is not a cakewalk. But with these recruitment tips, you may have an easier time.

From understanding the candidates to improving existing procedures, it takes an intense effort to welcome the perfect hire for your organization. But, once you can find the hidden gem, you can be sure of a long-term productive relationship.

Tried all these tips already and need more help?

Well, let us give our helping hand through our tailor-made and proven staffing solutions.

At Cloudely, we know the secret recipe for hiring and staffing. We helped global companies to build their teams – full-time, remote, and gig-based. Reach us to amp up your recruitment style. Follow us on LinkedIn to receive our latest updates.

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