Cloudely, Inc
Your business needs grow and change over time. This changes how you execute your business and how you function as an organization. We can help. Our process and technology experts can help align your processes to changing business environments and scale your Salesforce solution platform to changed requirements.

Our Cloud Architects bring years of experience in high-pressure IT environments.They will develop a deep understanding of your business goals and systems architecture, and recommend optimal application, integration, and design patterns while contributing to solution and enterprise architecture strategies. They will help you maximize the use and effectiveness of Salesforce platform and AppExchange Application. You can benefit from their experiences helping customers with:

➜ Architectural integrity and agility
➜ Governance and strategic oversight
➜ Security and compliance
➜ Performance and scalability
➜ Innovation
➜ Increase ROI

Whether it's data models, role hierarchy, security setup, integration tools or platform customizations we have a proven track record of delivering global solutions. We work collaboratively with our customers to develop the blueprint and execution fundamentals to help you achieve your vision by leveraging Salesforce.

Cloudely is a trusted Salesforce consulting Partner. We help you understand exactly how far you can push the Salesforce platform and what you need to do to transform your business to be people focused, whether that's better communication and service for customers or better collaboration with employees.

We have helped our customers with:
➜ Application Selection
➜ Enterprise Architecture
➜ User Adoption Strategy
➜ Process Improvements
➜ MDM Strategy

Our expert services continue to help companies make the right decisions surrounding cloud technology for today while positioning them for tomorrow's breakthroughs. Designing your Salesforce strategy is like preparing for a marathon; you don't just lace up your shoes and start running – you need a coach to help you execute your strategy, reach the finish line and attain your medal.