Salesforce Year 2023 Review

  • Salesforce Year in Review

Salesforce offers a range of pricing plans, depending on the needs of the business. The most basic plan, Salesforce Essentials, starts at $25 per user per month and includes basic CRM features.

Salesforce Pricing 2023

The next level up is Salesforce Professional, which starts at $75 per user per month and includes more advanced features such as forecasting and team collaboration.

The most advanced plan is Salesforce Unlimited, which starts at $150 per user per month and includes all the features of the other plans, as well as 24/7 support and additional customization options.

While Salesforce is more expensive than other CRM platforms, it is worth considering for businesses that require a robust and customizable solution.

Shape the Future of Generative AI

A natural question to ask when a new “game-changing” technology arrives on the scene. After all, some might still be reeling from the buzz around cryptocurrency and NFTs. But artificial intelligence is different. a few key findings from the report.

  • 75% of CEOs believe competitive advantage will depend on who has the most advanced generative AI.
  • 50% of CEOs are now integrating generative AI into products and services.
  • 43% are using generative AI to inform their strategic decisions.
  • Generative AI sales budgets are expected to triple by 2025, with marketing and service budgets expected to more than double.

New Industry Clouds

Industry Clouds allow Salesforce customers to adopt specific, customer-centric solutions tailored to their industry. Firstly, the customer was surrounded by Salesforce experts who understood their industry, and spoke their language – acronyms and all. Secondly, it allowed the customer to get value out of their implementation faster. So it’s no real surprise to see IBM identify Industry Clouds as a top trend for 2023-24.

In addition, statistics to come out of the Salesforce report show that companies make up 14-24% of every industry, meaning that all organizations can take advantage of industry solutions. Profile

Now your profile is a trusted resume for the Salesforce ecosystem. The new enhanced profile will enable you to not only showcase your Salesforce credentials, but now you can show MuleSoft, Tableau, and Slack as well. With the Trailhead learning platform’s growth never slowing, and the release of the Salesforce Associate certification, end-users have even more reasons to build out their own profiles!

Hyperforce was a “reimagination” of the platform architecture to securely and reliably deliver the Salesforce “Cloud” products on “public” clouds, including AWS, Azure, and Google.

This (somewhat) elusive Dreamforce ‘21 announcement now gets a second wind; the unveiling of the Salesforce Genie during Dreamforce ‘22 is dependent on organizations having their Salesforce instance on Hyperforce. Hyperforce is currently available in 10 regions, Hyperforce will reach 17 countries by the end of 2023. 

Financial Performance

  • Revenue: Salesforce achieved record-breaking revenue of $31.4 billion, an 18% year-over-year increase. This solidifies their position as the global leader in CRM.
  • Profitability: Despite ongoing investments in research and development, Salesforce maintained a positive GAAP operating margin. This demonstrates their commitment to both growth and financial sustainability.
  • Customer Acquisition: Salesforce continues to expand its customer base, attracting businesses of all sizes across various industries. The company now boasts over 232,000 customers worldwide.

Strategic Acquisitions

  • Slack: The acquisition of Slack in a landmark deal worth $27.7 billion transformed Salesforce into a leading player in the collaboration software market. Slack’s popular messaging platform is now integrated with various Salesforce products, creating a unified platform for customer engagement.
  • MuleSoft: Salesforce further strengthened its integration capabilities by acquiring MuleSoft for $6.5 billion. This move enhances Salesforce’s ability to connect data and applications across different platforms, making it easier for businesses to build unified customer experiences.

Dreamforce 2023: A Showcase of Innovation and Inspiration

  • 75,000 attendees: The in-person return of Dreamforce brought together the Salesforce community to experience the latest innovations, network, and learn.
  • Keynotes, demos, and workshops: Inspiring talks, product demonstrations, and hands-on sessions provided valuable insights and practical takeaways for attendees.

Einstein 1 Platform Unveiled at Dreamforce ’23: Transformative AI for CRM

  • At Dreamforce ’23, Salesforce introduced the Einstein 1 Platform, a revolutionary fusion of Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein AI.
  • This innovative platform empowers businesses to effortlessly integrate diverse data sources and develop AI-driven applications without technical expertise.
  • With a focus on a robust AI strategy and unified data through Salesforce’s metadata framework, companies can unlock powerful CRM experiences, boosting productivity, reducing costs, and delivering exceptional customer interactions. The Einstein 1 Platform promises a new era of transformative AI for CRM applications.

Einstein Copilot Search Uses Retrieval Augmented Generation to Make AI More Trusted and Relevant

At World Tour NYC, Salesforce introduced new unstructured data capabilities for Data Cloud and Einstein Copilot Search. By bringing together data retrieval capabilities using semantic search and prompts in Einstein Copilot, responses by Large Language Models (LLMs) will be more accurate, up-to-date, and generated with more transparency — while also keeping company data safe and secure through the Einstein Trust Layer.

These powerful new features are underpinned by an AI framework called Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), which enables companies to use their structured and unstructured proprietary data to make generative AI more trusted and relevant.

The Einstein Trust Layer

Einstein Trust Layer is a secure AI architecture, natively built into the Salesforce Platform. Designed for enterprise security standards, the Einstein Trust Layer allows teams to benefit from generative AI without compromising their customer data, while at the same time letting companies use their trusted data to improve generative AI responses.

Source – Salesforce Document

Introducing Einstein Copilot Studio: Build and Customize a Trusted AI Assistant

Now companies that can customize their Einstein Copilot can use the new Einstein Copilot Studio to build and tailor AI assistants with relevant prompts, skills, and AI models to accomplish specific sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT tasks.

Companies now not only use the Einstein Copilot within Salesforce but all consumer-facing channels as well.

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