What is a Salesforce MVP – Here’s All You Wanted to Know

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Salesforce introduced the Salesforce MVP Program in 2010. The event is an annual one intended to recognize and celebrate Trailblazer Community experts who contribute in mentoring others to succeed in their Salesforce journey. As of 2022, 200 Salesforce MVPs are contributing to this program from across 31 countries.

What is Salesforce MVP?

MVP is an acronym for “Most Valuable Player” – or “Professional” in this context.

Salesforce MVP program introduced to thank individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities, who share their expertise over trailblazer community and community events.

Salesforce selects MVPs through a sequential process that comprises multiple phases. The nominations are accepted from the entire Trailblazer community. The validity of the Salesforce MVP status is one year.

What more? MVPs whose status gets renewed for 5 consecutive years are recognized with lifetime Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame status.

Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members can retain their access to Salesforce MVP Community through Slack channels and special events irrespective of their active status.

The Perks of Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members:

  • A unique logo, social badges
  • A visual identifier on the Salesforce MVP Directory
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Access to private Slack channels
  • Event invites and speaking engagements
  • Certification and Training opportunities
  • Mentorship and professional development
  • And, of course, swag!

How to become a Salesforce MVP?

The Salesforce Trailblazer Community invites nominations for Salesforce MVPs every year. Any enthusiastic individual can nominate their nomination. By public voting you and anyone can nominate someone who have make a difference to them. All the collected results reviewed and pass to current salesforce MVPs to give their views. Then, Salesforce Trailblazer community Team gives their feedback. Finally, the MVP are Selected.

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