What is Salesforce AI Cloud – Use Cases and Salesforce Certified AI Associate

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Salesforce AI Cloud is the complete, trusted AI solution purpose-built for CRM. It is a pricing bundle that integrates Einstein, Data Cloud, Tableau, Slack, Flow, and MuleSoft to deliver secure, open generative AI grounded in your real-time customer data, enabling businesses to supercharge customer experiences, and the productivity of their teams.

What is AI Cloud?

Included in AI Cloud is the brand new Einstein GPT Trust Layer, which sets a new industry standard for trusted AI in the enterprise – offering the benefits of generative AI without requiring customers to question the privacy and security of their sensitive customer data at risk.

Einstein GPT Trust Layer helps to prevent LLMs from retaining sensitive customer data. This separation of sensitive data from the LLM will help customers to maintain the data governance controls

AI Cloud has infused trusted AI across every Salesforce product to help companies access generative AI and deliver trusted, AI-created content across every sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interaction, at a hyper-scale.

How is AI Cloud protecting customer data used to fuel generative AI prompts?

The Einstein GPT Trust Layer is our novel approach to delivering generative AI that enterprises can trust.

Generative AI across every Salesforce Application

Salesforce is bringing trusted generative AI to its every product. See more about Salesforce’s trusted, open, and business-ready features of the products.

  • Sales GPT: Dynamically generate sales tasks like composing personalized emails, scheduling meetings, and preparing for the next interaction.
  • Serviced GPT: Auto-generate personalized agent responses grounded in trusted CRM data (Service Replies). Auto-generate case wrap-up summaries (Work Summaries). Summarize support interactions to save time and create knowledge articles from past case notes and details.
  • Marketing GPT: It Dynamically generates personalized content to engage with customers and prospects across email, mobile, web, and advertising. etc.
  • Commerce GPT: Generate new or updated editable recommended product descriptions through the tonal and demographic-targeted prompt.
  • Slack GPT: Deliver AI-powered customer insights in Slack like smart summaries of sales opportunities and surface end users’ actions like updating knowledge articles.
  • Apex GPT: Improve developer productivity with Salesforce Research’s proprietary Large Language Model by using an AI chat assistant to generate code and ask questions for languages like Apex.
  • Tableau GPT: Interact with data in a conversational interface. It generates conversational insights and visualizations from a natural language question.

Use cases for AI Cloud

AI Cloud unlocks trusted generative AI around the customer. It will enable sales reps to quickly auto-generate personalized emails tailored to their customer’s needs, and service teams can auto-generate personalized agent chat replies and case summaries.

Marketers can auto-generate personalized content to engage customers and prospects across email, mobile, web, and advertising, and commerce teams can auto-generate insights and recommendations to deliver customized commerce experiences at every step of the buyer’s journey. Developers can auto-generate code, predict potential bugs in code and suggest fixes.

What is the Salesforce Certified AI Associate?

About the Salesforce AI Associate Credential

The AI Associate Credentialing Exam will focus on the fundamentals and capabilities of AI and data as they apply to CRM. The exam will be intended for individuals from all backgrounds, including business leaders and professionals who may have knowledge of AI, whether they are beginners or individuals with more experience.

About the Exam

Read on for details about the Salesforce Certified AI Associate exam.

  • Content: 40 multiple-choice questions
  • Time: 70 minutes
  • Passing score: 65%
  • Registration fee: USD 75 plus applicable taxes
  • Retake fee: Free

Exam Outline

AI Fundamentals: 17%

  • Basic principles and applications of AI within Salesforce.
  • Different Types of AI and their capabilities.

AI Capabilities in CRM: 8%

  • Identify CRM AI capabilities.
  • The benefits of AI as it applies to CRM.

Ethical Considerations of AI: 39%

  • The ethical challenges of AI.
  • Apply the Salesforce’s Trusted AI Principles to given scenarios.

Data for AI: 36%

  • Describe the importance of data quality.
  • Describe the elements/components of data quality.

Resources :

At AI Day, Salesforce announced the launch of the ‘Get Started with Artificial Intelligence’ trail on Trailhead.

The study materials recommended for the AI Associate Exam :


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