13 Must Know CPQ FAQs for Business Leaders and Sales Teams


A CPQ solution can drastically improve Sales performance. It simplifies end-to-end sales process, save time on quote generation and improves quote accuracy. Cloudely is a trusted partner for CPQ implementations with a successful track record of CPQ implementations since 2013. Cloudely Inc. is a fast-growing digital transformation partner for global businesses. We are headquartered in California and have the Center of Excellence in Hyderabad, India.

In this article, we discussed CPQ FAQs and challenges sales teams face during quote generation. Read to know more.

FAQ1: What is CPQ and How does CPQ Function?

CPQ is an acronym for Configure, Price, and Quote. Now let us explore how these three functions help the sales team enhance their end-to-end sales process.

“C” stands for – Configure: 

It is always a great challenge for any sales team while creating a quote for products with multiple attributes. There would be numerous iterations for a Sales Rep with customers, which consume a phenomenal amount of time and effort.

A CPQ with robust configuration features enables configuring the products and their features seamlessly. It empowers the Sales Rep to generate the quotes without much effort and time.

“P” stands for – Pricing:             

CPQ allows the user to have multi-layered pricing, which is a tedious effort while doing the quotes. With the help of a CPQ tool, the complex calculations of pricing by region, currency, block, discount schedules, and multiple price books can be easily configured. The user can showcase and negotiate effortlessly and generate quotes with minimal effort.

“Q” stands for – Quote:

Generating the quote, negotiations, approvals, and amendments can be achieved effortlessly with the help of the configurable features of CPQ. The quote output document configuration and e-signatures reduce the quote process by a considerable amount. Thus, CPQ makes the life of the sales team easy and enhances the sales activity phenomenally at every stage.

FAQ 2: How does CPQ benefit my organization?

There are many benefits of using a CPQ. Let us see some primary and fundamental advantages.


To win an Opportunity is always the end goal of the sales team. However, achieving it has never been easy as it involves huge data processing. On the other hand, the impact of having data handy shows a significant effect on customer satisfaction. With the help of CPQ, we can provide accurate data and quick responses comfortably.


Providing credible data makes a notable impact on retaining or winning a customer. There is always a risk of human error without a system in place. A tool like CPQ will always help mitigate human error and sustain a valuable relationship with the customer.


Every customer is different; CPQ empowers the Sales Rep to generate the customer-specific quote. The wide range of features of CPQ makes it flexible to change prices, discounts, and other offerings on the fly.


CPQ allows organizations to reduce the quote process time phenomenally. It allows the users to generate more quotes in less time. The reduction of time-lapse in generating a quote increases efficiency.

Power of CPQ

FAQ3: How to identify if my business needs CPQ?

When companies start growing, managing sales is the foremost challenge. An increase in the range of products, a wider customer base, multi-vertical offerings, a variety of discount schedules, complex price calculations, and unique customer requirements are some of the challenges for a fast-growing company. In the present competitive quick decision-making is a game changer. A robust tool like CPQ can fulfill these requirements very effectively.

FAQ4: How easy is CPQ to work with?

With CPQ, a user can easily and quickly configure the quote, manage approvals, collaborate with different departments, negotiate, and generate a contract with a few clicks.

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FAQ5: How long will a CPQ Implementation take?  

Usually, it depends on the data size and the business complexity of the client. On average, a CPQ implementation takes 30 – 90 days depending on the client’s requirements.

FAQ6: Can I integrate CPQ with my existing applications?

Yes, CPQ can be integrated with ERP and CRM systems. It adds great value to the Production and Sales departments.

FAQ7: How to complete the sales cycle quickly?

A typical Sales cycle includes Configuring quotes, Pricing and Discounting Negotiations, Proposals, Approvals, Signatures, and generating a Contract, Amend, and Renewing.

With the help of CPQ, the sales team can configure a quote with different price rules and discount schedules and create bundles and more within no time. All the data would be on the figure tips of the user to quickly configure and accomplish the sales cycle.

FAQ8: How to Enhance the Quoting process when there are complex business rules?

With the help of Product rules and Price rules, the complexity around the quoting process can be handled effortlessly.

FAQ9: How to make approvals of the quotes faster?

Configuration of Out-of-box CPQ approvals and advanced features the user can get to see all the approval-related data of the quote. The multi-tiered and parallel approval advanced features help reduce the approval time and provide a quicker turnaround.

FAQ10: There are different price rules for my products. I need something which would make my Sales Rep life easy. How to achieve it?

Price rules configuration helps in controlling and optimizing sales. CPQ allows the setting of different price rules for a set of products/products that are dynamically applied when the Sales Rep selects the products/product.

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FAQ11: How can I bundle my products together and offer my customers an easy way?

Configuration of Product bundles in CPQ enables the user to bundle the product in various ways. Static, configurable, and nested are different types of bundles used that allow the user to choose the products and offer them to their customers.

FAQ12: I need something which helps me enhance my offers and discounts.

CPQ offers a wide spectrum of features to configure discounts. Discount options with bundles, volume-based discounts, quantity-based, manual, partner, and distributor discounts can be configured based on the requirements.

FAQ13: I need a sales solution that can be integrated seamlessly with my CRM. 

CPQ is the best fit which can integrate seamlessly with the CRM.

If you still need guidance with how CPQ can help your sales teams, think no more! 

Think CPQ, Think Cloudely!

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