How to Choose the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner?

Salesforce is the global leader in offering CRM solutions. As of 2019, 99 out of Fortune 100 companies use Salesforce solutions. Plus, globally, around 150,000 businesses use this CRM platform. Its programming and automation techniques enable seamless running of various divisions of any business. Such massive implementation explains the thriving number of Salesforce Consulting companies.

According to CIO, around 1/3rd of the CRM projects fail. If you are a business keen to leverage the benefits of Salesforce, choosing the right Salesforce consulting partner can make a difference in the success of its implementation.

With so many Salesforce partners and consultants available, choosing the best one your money can buy can seem overwhelming. Here are some strategies you should adopt to select the right Salesforce consulting partner systematically. Prior to learning about them, you need to do some DIYs to make the right choice about your Salesforce Partner.

DIY #1: Be informed about Salesforce

What exactly are you looking for in Salesforce CRM? – A clarity to this question solves the confusion in choosing the right Salesforce consulting partner.

Salesforce software comes in various blocks to solve diverse business challenges. Sales Cloud. Service Cloud. Marketing Cloud. AppExchange marketplace. And so on.

Before heading out on a hunt for Salesforce Partner, do your primary research on It helps you understand the potential of the framework.

You can also learn from several free demo videos on the website that furnish you with precious insights into the possibilities with Salesforce CRM.

DIY #2: Understand Salesforce Partner Certifications

Salesforce partners are one of the main contributors to the success of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce accredits its partners with different statuses – Global Strategic, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Registered levels – based on a Partner Value Score (PVS).

When searching for the right Salesforce Consulting Partner, it is more beneficial to associate with a certified one.

DIY #3: Take the help of the Salesforce support

You can get the information about the suggested Salesforce Consulting Partner right from Salesforce itself. To gather this knowledge, you may:

  • Get in touch with Salesforce Account Executives about your Salesforce partner requirement. Based on your location and business preference, they will provide a list of Salesforce partners. It will guide you to choose the right Salesforce Consulting Partner that suits your vertical.
  • For any information about the purchase of licenses, you can connect with the Account Executive teams at Salesforce by calling 1-800-NOSOFTWARE. They will clarify all the doubts you may have about your partner recommendations.

Additionally, approach your network. Seek suggestions from companies of your size and business niche for recommendations about the right Salesforce consulting partner.

Once you arrived at this step, you might have a list of names of Salesforce consulting partners. To pick the right one, implement the following steps:

Step #1: Understand their mission and vision

Salesforce partnership can be a long-term commitment. You and your partner must share the same mission related to business conduct and customer service. The consultant’s website and the listing on AppExchange can provide invaluable information about their work experience and calibre.

Step #2: Check the industry experience

Ask your Salesforce partner if you can take a look at their client reviews and testimonials. It also helps you understand their industry experience.

Aligning with the right Salesforce Consultant Partner with a background in formulating and implementing solutions related to your business domain would be an added advantage. Such partners will enable smoother implementations with their experience.

On the other hand, a Salesforce partner with a proven implementation track record across diverse horizontals can understand your pain points precisely.

Thus, experience in, either way, plays a non-negotiable role in selecting a Salesforce partner.

Step #3: Probe into their level of partnership

Salesforce partnerships arrive in various levels – ISV, AppExchange, Reseller, and so on. Ask questions about the partnership levels your chosen one is entitled to move on to the next steps.

Step #4: Seek clarity on the team strength and technical expertise

Successful Salesforce implementations demand the right mix of Business Analysts, Consultants, Admin, and QAs. Another crucial aspect of Salesforce is its regular update. Your partner should assure you support 24*7 and help you navigate these updates and changes without any pain.

Thus, your Salesforce partner should have a technically solid team that makes these feasible for it determines the timely deliveries, support, and communication that you can enjoy throughout the contract.

Alongside, request your Salesforce partner if they can provide the case studies of their successful implementations. You can assess their technical expertise with the help of case studies and the successful implementations they have in their credit.

Step #5: Think twice about too affordable quotes

Budget can be one significant criterion to select the right Salesforce consulting partner. However, understand that Salesforce projects are not inexpensive. The demand for the Salesforce professionals and the benefits the CRM offers make the technology a pricey one.

Thus, while looking at the most affordable ones among the Salesforce Implementation partners, you should also make realistic assumptions.

  • Understand that cost may vary based on the implementation – Sales Cloud or Service Cloud.
  • Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It includes the cost of the product licenses, internal labor, services, and long-term maintenance cost.
  • Incorporate Data Migration Costs, for they can be steep and play a deciding role in the success of a project.

It gives you an estimate about how much you need to invest in the project and helps you choose the right Salesforce Consulting Partner.

Step #6: Evaluate the approach

Salesforce solutions and implementations need the collaboration of both parties. You and your salesforce partner should have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

  • What is their SLA and turnaround time?
  • Do they offer any contingency plan for diminishing the risk if it arises in any case?
  • What other stakeholder responsibilities do your Salesforce partner takes up?
  • Which expert roles do they assign to you throughout the contract for timely delivery and communication?
  • What are the integrations and third-party add-ons they promise?

Additionally, your focus should also be on quality services and timely delivery to make sure you make every penny of your investment worthy. A premier partner always promises quality services and timely deliveries with smooth communication.

Summing Up

Working with a Salesforce consulting partner can be more than just entering a business bond. When you research right from their vision to the approach towards a project, you can successfully find the right Salesforce Consulting Partner that delivers you a little more than expected.

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