Tech Trends That Would Reshape Retail in 2024

  • Retail tech trends 2024

The retail industry is on the cusp of major technological disruptions that will reshape shopping experiences and change retailers’ operations. From AI assistants to blockchain and quantum computing, emerging technologies promise greater personalization, security, and efficiency in physical and digital retail. The coming year will see retailers accelerating tech adoption to stay competitive.

Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel retailing integrating online and offline channels will become the norm rather than the exception. Retailers will provide customers with a unified brand experience across stores, websites, and mobile apps, enabling them to shop anytime, anywhere, and get products where and how they want.

Key trends:

  • Unified inventory across channels
  • Flexible delivery and return options
  • Virtual try-on through AR for better product visualization
  • Connected fitting rooms with intelligent mirrors and RFID
  • Order online, pick up in-store, and curbside pickup gaining traction

Such omnichannel capabilities will be the crucial differentiator, helping retailers provide a seamless customer experience. Siloed channels will fade out.


Using big data and AI, retailers will get to know customers better and offer ultra-customized recommendations and experiences.

Key trends:

  • Granular segmentation – Targeting niche cohorts based on purchase history, searches
  • Individualized pricing – Custom prices for each customer based on purchase potential
  • Curated recommendations – Personalized product suggestions based on individual tastes
  • Tailored messaging – Custom emails, push notifications, ads based on user data and context

Personalization will happen at scale due to data, predictive analytics, and customer data platforms. Real-time data will be leveraged to optimize every touchpoint.

Immersive Shopping Experience

Next-gen technologies like AR/VR will remake shopping in the metaverse, where customers can visually try products from the comfort of their homes.

Key trends:

  • Virtual try-on – Overlaying glasses, makeup, and apparel on live video feed through mobile AR.
  • Digital dressing rooms – Trying clothes on 3D avatars with realistic visualization.
  • Gamified experiences – VR retail environments with simulated product interactions.
  • Shoppable live streams – Influencers showcasing and selling products in real time.

Harry Rosen, a leading Canadian menswear chain, allows store associates to curate personalized looks for customers using a mobile app connected to the brand’s CRM and inventory databases. This seamless blending of digital and physical retail will be a big trend.

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Sustainable Retail

Sustainability will become a key imperative for retailers navigating the climate change challenge. Various initiatives are predicted to gain traction.

Key trends:

  • Circular retail – Product reuse, refurbishment, recycling to reduce waste
  • Sustainable last mile – green delivery through bikes, robots, consolidated trips
  • Eco-packaging – Reusable, recyclable shipping materials like mushrooms, bamboo
  • Energy efficiency – Renewable energy, IoT sensors to optimize electricity usage
  • Transparency – Product lifecycle data for consumers through blockchain

Such measures will help retailers reduce their carbon footprint and give eco-conscious consumers the confidence to shop responsibly.

Emerging Payment Methods

Cashless shopping will accelerate with consumers embracing mobile wallets, cryptocurrency, biometrics, and more.

Key trends:

  • Frictionless apps – Single tap buy buttons for faster purchasing
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum acceptance through digital wallets
  • Contactless biometrics – Palm print, face recognition for terminal-less payments
  • Credit on delivery – Pay for online purchases in cash at the time of delivery

India is a leader, with 83.5% of smartphone users using QR codes. Retailers will expand the acceptance of such contactless payments for speed and convenience and tap India’s thriving digital payments market, which is projected to reach $500 billion by 2025.

Empowered Workforce

Retail workers will be augmented with technology to improve productivity and decision-making.

Key trends:

  • Smart assistants – AI chatbots to address customer queries instantly
  • AR headsets – Hands-free guides for store staff picking items, checking inventory
  • Exoskeletons – External structural support for heavy lifting
  • Wearables – Tracking health vitals, safety risks faced by frontline workers

Such tools will enhance human capabilities, boost efficiency and foster work-life balance. Retail will no longer be deemed a purely operational job but a skilled tech-enabled profession.

Supply Chain Operations Grow Smarter

To effectively compete in today’s fast-paced retail environment, having an efficient, agile and sustainable supply chain is crucial. Technologies like automation, AI, IoT and analytics enable smarter supply chain operations.

Key trends:

  • Automated warehouses – Robots, AI for inventory planning, order sorting
  • Real-time visibility – Sensors, IoT across production, inventory and shipments
  • Predictive analytics – Data-based demand forecasting, inventory optimization

Such capabilities will help retailers deal with demand volatility, ensure speedy fulfillment across channels and strengthen food safety. Supply chain holdups witnessed during the pandemic will be a thing of the past.

Future Outlook – Immersive, Personalized and Sustainable Retail

As retail plunges into 2024 and beyond, embracing emerging technologies will be critical for remaining competitive. Consumers have access to many options and expect seamless, personalized experiences. Only those brands ready to adapt to these evolving expectations through innovations centered around omnichannel, payments, mobility and smarter supply chains will appear ahead. The following year promises a melting pot of new developments that will continue reshaping the industry rapidly.

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