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    • aniket Webinar

    Build Customized Solution with DocuSign Apex Toolkit – Webinar

    March 10, 2023 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM IST
    Presented By: Aniket Kohale

    The Apex Toolkit is a set of predefined Apex methods, classes, and utilities that encapsulate a set of the DocuSign eSignature API functionality similar to an SDK, enabling developers to integrate DocuSign and Salesforce functionality into the Apex code.

    In this webinar, Salesforce Specialist Aniket Kohale explains how to build customized solution with DocuSign Apex Toolkit.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Identify integration scenarios that require use of Apex Toolkit.
    • Implement best practices when building code with Apex Toolkit.
    • Create flow-based and process-based solutions using Apex Toolkit.
    • Write test cases that enable your Apex Toolkit code to meet Salesforce integration requirement.
    • Describe the development and deployment processes for an Apex Toolkit application

    Meet the Speaker:

    Aniket Kohale is a Lead Technical Consultant at Perficient, Nagpur. He has over 7 years of IT industry experience working as a Lead Consultant and providing business requirements solutions for scalable enterprise applications using Salesforce. A 5x Salesforce certified professional and the Founder of, Aniket lives in Nagpur, India. He leads the Salesforce Developer Group, Amravati and is an active member of the Salesforce Developer Group Nagpur, India.

    Target Audience:

    This session is highly beneficial for Salesforce Admins and Developers. It also helps any tech enthusiast to uplevel their Salesforce knowledge.

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