Importance Of Testing in CPQ

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CPQ is an abbreviation of Configure, Price, And Quote. Salesforce CPQ is a business Solution provided to customers through Products Configuration, Pricing Of Products, and Various ways of Quoting. The process is simplified to produce a quality Quote with accuracy in pricing. There are many applications like Apttus, SteelBrick, and CallidusCloud that should be purchased and configured with Salesforce so that the Sales Team can sell their products in a smarter and more efficient manner.

CPQ Functionality

Configure:  What the Customers decide to buy can be configured easily through Product Configuration.

Price:  Pricing the Products as per Customer’s Choice.

Quote: Generating a PDF document with all the Products customer wishes to purchase and their Pricing details.

Areas Of Importance In Testing

As the CPQ features are User friendly and complement the Sales Processes it makes functional testers job tough to verify the business flow and functionalities.

  • The important part that a QA needs to concentrate on and verify is the Product and Pricing structure that has been configured to meet the business requirements. The configuration may involve independent products or Bundled Products (interconnected).
  • The next Functionality is the Creation of Opportunity with the products quoted along with the child products and pricing with discount approval and renewal process.
  • Validating Custom Pricing Calculations implemented based on the CPQ Pricing and Product Rules calculations in the Application.
  • Validating and Verifying Electronic Signature-CPQ DocuSign PDF document generated after Creating Quote Lines for the Quote and triggering the Approval Process as per the business requirements. QA Testers should verify the calculations and that the Totals are as expected and proceed to the Ordering process with the Approved Quote.
  • QA Validations are very important When CPQ implementation involves customization.
  • Testing Bulk data with CPQ features is very complex as it involves the calculation of multiple records at a time. A QA has to make sure that all the data with pricing calculations and updates align with the business requirements and does not have any negative impact.
  • QA should make sure to verify no Limitation errors with respect to SQL/Governor/APEX are thrown during Historical data update verification.
  • Test Scenarios should be arranged or sorted based on the Business Flow and CPQ Flow. Test Cases related to Positive and Negative Scenarios should be covered and documented with proper Test Data and screenshots.


It’s always recommended to pair CPQ with Salesforce to make the business profitable and accurate. The sales team can sell their products with more Accuracy. Verification of CPQ Flow and features implemented are handled by QA Testers.

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Padmavathi Duvvuri is a Salesforce Developer at Cloudely Inc.

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