Cloudely Partners with to Revolutionize & Supercharge Sales and Commerce Solutions

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We’re excited about the possibilities! Cloudely, known for its expertise in making sales processes smoother with CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), has joined forces with We’re thrilled to announce this partnership, where Cloudely becomes a trusted implementation expert for’s incredible Commerce Logic Engine.

What does this mean for businesses? It’s all about making selling easier and more effective.’s powerful engine helps businesses sell products better, whether through their sales teams or online. It’s like having a smart guide who knows how to sell stuff in the best way possible.

By teaming up, Cloudely and are simplifying how products are sold. This partnership makes it simpler for businesses to manage how they sell their solutions. It’s a big win – businesses can sell faster, save time on managing systems, and sell smarter both online and in-person.

Cloudely knows CPQ inside out, and has an incredible team with tons of experience in this field – over 100 years combined! Together, we’re here to shake things up and make selling easier and more effective for businesses like never before.

This partnership is just the beginning. We’re excited to work together and bring game-changing solutions to businesses worldwide.

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About Cloudely: Cloudely specializes in CPQ solutions, making sales processes more efficient for businesses.

About is all about supercharging sales experiences by providing top-notch Commerce Logic Engines to businesses for better selling online and offline.

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