Workforce Skills WEF Report

World Economic Forum released the List of Core Skills for Workers in 2023. Here are the top 10 in the order.

Managed Services Provider Infographic

Managed Services Provider metrics help evaluate and improve revenue growth plans and provide valuable insights to their sales teams, allowing them to make informed decisions, such as declining unfavorable deals or standing firm during proposal negotiations.

SF Configuration BEst Practices

This infographic shows the 5 best practices of Salesforce Configuration.

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Enterprise factors for business success

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Team collaboration

Ever wondered how some teams achieve things seamlessly? Here are some of the traits of every collaborative team that helps it achieve more.

Hiring Strategy for Startups

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Employer Mental Health

Mental health impacts how employees think, engage, and react in the workplace. It can influence their productivity and enthusiasm to mingle with co-workers, communicate with the team and managers, participate in work-related events and preserve workplace safety. The benefits of having employees with good mental health are diverse. 

ecommerce infographic

Ask our experts how to leverage customer-centric e-commerce solutions that aid your business growth.

Salesforce Certifications

Keen to grow in Salesforce career? Here are the top Salesforce certifications that are in demand.