CPQ Infographic

CPQ Implementation enables diverse and complex offerings, seamless information flow, and reduces sales cycle time. For an ROI-driven CPQ Implementation, businesses must ensure that their implementation partners consider the indicators shown in this infographic.

Bad Hire

The cost of a bad hire extends beyond monetary aspects. The impact of a bad hire on your organization can last much longer than you could imagine.

Salesforce Projections

Salesforce and its partner ecosystem could generate $66.4 billion in new business revenue between 2020 and 2026 and create 1.3 million direct and indirect jobs in India. 

Women in senior roles

Women in senior roles is an asset to organizations in many ways. It provides a channel for inclusion and tapping their hidden potential, leading to the benefit of organizations financially and culturally.

Hiring INfographic

Here we present some time-tested hiring strategies to personalize your recruitment process and take it to the next level. All these strategies are effective and easy to implement. They help your human resources team to infuse personalization in the recruitment process.

For an organization to create an engaging environment, it needs to perform numerous activities from time to time to keep up the employee morale. With that said, employee engagement need not cost a bomb to the company. Simple measures can make a huge difference in engaging employees.


CPQ is a great sales tool that the majority of industry giants use to improve their sales team’s efficiencies by generating error-free quotes, guided selling, upselling, and cross-selling. The main benefit of CPQ is to make the sales cycle more efficient, productive, and successful by enabling sellers to create accurate quotes easily.

Career infographic

Here are 10 Essential Tech Skills for Software Developers to kickstart and grow in their career.