Mistakes to Avoid in Virtual Recruitment

The year 2020 had been about major transition. Many aspects witnessed a 360-degree change with the pandemic around, thereby making people resort to viable alternatives. Whether it is work from home culture or online learning for students, virtual has turned into the new age real. Another practice that has been gaining prominence since the pandemic is Virtual Recruitment practices.

Although the pandemic brought a significant standstill, work is something that needs to keep going on. With companies going into remote hiring mode, recruitments are now conducted through the virtual platform adapting to the “no contact, still connected” objective. Although challenging, it necessitates a robust playbook that allows businesses to adapt, reiterate, experiment, and practice new strategies in their hiring process. Besides, it is also equally necessary to be open for experimentation to avoid mistakes that can end up destabilizing their efforts in hiring the right candidate.

The disappointment dilemma

Are you in the dilemma of laying off your recent recruitment, whom you hired after a long process of the virtual interview? Thinking, where you went wrong in assessing?

A constant turnover of staff can turn out to be a costly affair for your organization. Thus, following appropriate strategies and best practices can improve your results, maximize your company ROI, and build opportunities to connect with the best talents to bring on your team.

If you are having a tough time with your virtual recruitment and looking for ways to turn your recruitment process effective, this blog will surely help throw light on your mistakes. We share with you the biggest mistakes companies make during virtual recruitment, along with solutions for avoiding them.

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Mistake No 1: Improper planning

Planning is a sign of professionalism. Especially when it comes to the virtual recruiting process, it can prove to be an ultimate savior. Besides, having a set strategy or planning on how to host recruitment through virtual screening can increase the odds for success, thereby adding a brownie point to your company’s ROI. Detailed planning and ways of going as per the plan can save recruiters from stress and make the process less cumbersome.


  • Figure out how many candidates you will be interviewing throughout the day
  • Note down the list of names and go through their profile/ resume accurately.
  • Plan out the list of questions to ask during the interview
  • Prepare responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Check out your system and connections to avoid any disruptions during the session.
  • Create a follow-up plan for candidates after the virtual recruitment process.

Mistake No 2: Missing out on essential details

Due to the pandemic, the virtual recruiting process is to stay here and evolve further. One of the fundamental elements of online recruitment is video screening. Unlike physical interviewing, now it is not possible to meet the candidate in person. However, the body language and how a candidate talks, interacts, or answers questions can speak volumes about them. Video screening allows recruiters to “see” the candidate and gauge them properly.

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Whether s/he is excited about the role? Can they communicate well about their achievements and dreams to the interviewer? How well can they handle deadlines, stress, and many myriad topics? Herein, the recruiter must have a hawk’s eye of understanding the basic body language from a video screening. Gauge them accurately to know if the candidate fits the profile well.

Passing off the candidate as okay or not okay in one go is a major mistake.

Tip: Record the screening and review it again.

Mistake 3: Mismanaged communication

Virtual screening allows recruiters to talk and connect to more candidates in comparison to in-person events. However, unlike in-person interviews where you can make a candidate wait in a queue, it cannot be possible during virtual screening. Thus, it is a must, both recruiter and the candidate are on the same page and available to carry on the process in the set time.

It is recommended for recruiters to send an email in advance to the candidate informing them about the interview. Besides, you can also allocate them a time that fits your interview schedule and doesn’t disrupt your overall plan lined up for the day.


Drop them a message/ email informing them about the scheduled recruitment event. Ensure to follow up a day before the interview to reconfirm.

Mistake 4: Not using proper virtual recruitment tools

When it comes to virtual recruitment, many things go into making it a success. One of the aspects is using the right tools. As the entire process is digital, the company and recruiters must be well adept with the tools required for carrying out related tasks.

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Most often, organizations resort to using tools that are not meant for carrying out a virtual recruitment process. For example, using messenger platforms for the process can be a big loss on the recruitment front to hire the right candidature. Besides, using tools that do not address the critical needs of the process will increase the chances of committing mistakes and errors. Thus, the output of which will be the selection of the wrong candidature.


  • Opt for a virtual recruiting platform that caters to support the recruitment process.
  • Study the tools properly and the in-built features along with the functionalities.

Most virtual recruiting tools come with features that allow event promotions, have a good experience of assessing candidates, and offer actionable insights, thereby assisting you in measuring the process.

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Mistake 5: Lack of skill assessment

The next big mistake a recruiter falls for during virtual recruitment is adhering to deadlines when carrying out candidate’s motivational check. Assignment screening is an excellent way of gaining a sneak peek into the candidate’s level of commitment to work and motivation. Assignments with deadlines help checking the diligence of the candidate. Besides, it also allows recruiters to know about their performance and deliver quality output without being supervised. Failing to set a deadline for assignments and not sticking with the rules may lead to hiring the wrong candidate. Most recruiters tend to check only the skills and fail to compare it with the output in assignments, eventually missing out on crucial points and characteristics.


  • Check out the assignment and figure out if the candidate fits the project well?
  • Have they met your requirements and stuck with deadlines for the role?
  • Do they have the required motivation and skills that can be an asset to your team?

Answer the above questions, and if you can tick all boxes for a candidate, (s)he is the right pick for you.

Mistake 6: Not asking the right questions

Time is of the essence when it comes to virtual screening and recruitment of candidates. Most often, recruiters are not well prepared with the questions they would ask the candidates during the screening. Apart from wasting time, it can also lead to mistakes of not assessing the candidate adequately and thereby failing to understand their skills sets and if they fit the profile well.

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  • Go through each of the profile of the candidates you are to interview.
  • Create a concise list of questions to ask the candidates.
  • Encourage the candidate to ask questions.

Mistake 7: Lack of passing proper information

Virtual recruiting is successful when you find the right candidates for the post. Herein, merely sending emails or calling job seekers is not sufficient. Attracting the best talent to your company begins with strengthening relationships and expanding the expertise of talent. Herein, building awareness about the profile in addition to being precise with what you are looking for is a must. It will help the right candidates apply for the job and assist recruiters to make a quick decision.


  • Create a promotional strategy that reflects what your company requires.
  • List out the preferences and talent you want to hire.

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Mistake 8: Lack of a follow-up

Lastly, the process after the virtual recruitment is equally important as that during the event. Herein, not following up with the candidates after the process is a prime mistake to avoid. Ensure to keep your candidates engaged with the recruitment process by updating them about the next step and scheduling the further interview. Most importantly, do not fail to let the candidate know if they are selected or not. Candidates hold high esteem for recruiters and companies who communicate throughout the process. Responding to job seekers about their final verdict is an essential criterion.


  • Use advanced tools to send post recruitment feedback,
  • Inform about the further scheduling of the interview through either email or text.
  • Communicate about the result.
  • Update whether they are selected or not. Do not forget to give an appropriate reason in case of non-selection.

Hire the Best Talent

Avoid the above-listed mistakes during virtual recruitments will help create a better strategy. Combining them with best practices will help you hire better employees but also improve your company’s profits. Avoiding the above-mentioned virtual recruiting mistakes allows a company to offer a better employee experience and win their trust. It helps in improving the results and bringing the best talent on board.

Need help with choosing the best talent for your company? We, at Cloudely Inc., have years of experience in providing staffing services to organizations in the USA and India. Drop us a message at hello@cloudely.com or schedule a meeting to know how we can help meet your recruitment needs in your budget and timeline. Know more about us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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