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  • No code low code platforms with AI use cases

No-code and low-code platforms have revolutionized application development by enabling non-technical professionals to build custom solutions. The possibilities are endless with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities integrated into these platforms. This article explores some of the most powerful use cases of no-code/low-code platforms with AI across various industries.

Automating Business Processes

Streamlining operations is a top priority for most enterprises, especially regarding high-volume, repetitive tasks. No-code/low-code platforms empower non-technical users to automate workflows by dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas.

For example, an e-commerce company can build a bot with NLP capabilities to handle customer service queries or order processing. The bot can understand natural language, access databases to retrieve order information, and respond to customers automatically.

These platforms can simplify processes like invoice processing, HR onboarding, contract review, and more by integrating AI modules like optical character recognition, document classification, and data extraction. The AI takes over tedious data entry by pulling relevant information from documents and forms.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Data-driven insights are invaluable for businesses today. No-code analytics tools feature easy drag-and-drop workflows for accessing, preparing, analyzing, and visualizing data. Templates allow non-technical users to build AI models for predicting outcomes like sales, demand forecasting, risk scoring, churn analysis, and more.

The AI model outputs actionable intelligence and prescriptive recommendations as data flows in. For instance, a retailer can predict inventory needs, a bank can analyze transaction patterns to flag potential fraud, and a healthcare provider can anticipate patient volumes.

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Fraud Detection and Risk Management

Apply no-code AI’s pattern recognition capabilities to detect anomalies and prevent fraud. For example, a fintech company can analyze user behavior and transactions to detect unauthorized or suspicious activity. No-code tools can flag high-risk events for further inspection by creating risk-scoring models.

Banks use AI to screen documents like loan applications and catch forged identities or fabricated financial statements. Insurers are leveraging no-code AI to review claims and identify potential fraud. AI adds automation, scale, and precision to fraud monitoring across finance, e-commerce, healthcare, and more sectors.

AI-Powered Recruiting and Hiring

HR teams leverage no-code AI’s NLP capabilities for automated resume screening and candidate matching. By letting the AI parse resumes, score applicants, and surface best fits, businesses can significantly accelerate recruiting while reducing unconscious bias in screening.

Chatbots engage candidates by answering common questions and scheduling interviews. AI techniques like sentiment analysis, speech recognition, and facial coding decode micro-expressions and linguistics cues from videos to assess fit during interviews.

This transforms the hiring experience while providing HR with valuable insights. AI augments recruiters to identify and engage qualified talent at scale efficiently.

Faster Drug Discovery and Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical companies are pressured to accelerate highly complex, expensive drug discovery processes. With clinical trials costing hundreds of millions of dollars over a decade, AI-enabled automation is imperative.

No-code platforms allow non-technical domain experts to apply AI techniques like predictive modelling, computer vision, and natural language processing to various bottlenecks.

For example, AI can pore decades of disparate research data to identify drug targets and combinations. It can also screen and match patients for trials using electronic health records. Computer vision speeds up lab screening of cell and tissue samples.

Chatbots engage and qualify trial participants. No-code democratizes cutting-edge AI so experts can directly build solutions to advance therapeutics.

Improving Medical Imaging Diagnosis

Misdiagnosis from medical imaging errors leads to millions of fatalities annually worldwide. Doctors also deal with heavy workloads and burnout.

No-code AI solutions enable clinicians to augment imaging diagnosis at scale. For instance, AI techniques like image classification, object detection, and segmentation can automate the analysis of CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds, pathology slides, dermatology images, and more.

By speeding up mundane tasks and providing second opinions, AI allows doctors to focus on patients. No-code solutions make it simple to build custom AI models on scarce training data. Healthcare organizations can apply AI diagnosis at reduced costs without extensive data science resources.

Optimizing Supply Chains

Volatile markets, global shocks, and increasing customer demands stress modern supply chains tremendously. However, AI’s forecasting and prescriptive capabilities can drive significant efficiencies across planning, sourcing, manufacturing, inventory, and logistics. No-code platforms enable supply chain experts to apply AI without coding or data science skills directly.

For instance, AI techniques like sensor data analytics, predictive maintenance, and computer vision can minimize factory equipment downtime. Demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and risk analysis ensure optimal stocking and sourcing decisions. Routing algorithms and real-time tracking optimize last-mile delivery. No-code democratizes AI so supply chain professionals can create solutions that enhance resilience, agility, and customer service.


The use cases are multiplying as no-code AI solutions help drive digital transformation and competitive advantage. The future is here – no advanced coding degree is required to build smart solutions that deliver real business impact.

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