6 Reasons Why You Should Donate Blood

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The World Health Organization celebrates June 14th as World Blood Donor Day. According to its Fact Sheets, about 118.4 million blood donations are collected worldwide. Safe blood saves millions of lives globally. Women with pregnancy complications, children with thalassemia, accident victims, surgery, and cancer patients are all frequent blood recipient groups.

One blood donation can save three whole lives. Thus, no wonder blood donors are superheroes without a cape. A healthy person can donate blood once in three months. The accepted age of donating blood is 17- 65, though it varies with local state rules.

Blood donation is good not only for the recipient but also for the donors. On this World Blood Donor Day, here we bring along 6 good reasons that inspire you to donate blood:

1. Curbs the risk of heart attack

Excessive iron can be one of the reasons for heart attack. Doctors indicate that the risk is more in men than women. Higher amounts of iron can also lead to increased cholesterol levels. Thus, blood donation is one way to maintain healthy iron levels in the bloodstream and minimize the risk of high cholesterol.

2. Promotes weight loss

The human body spends energy to regenerate the donated blood. Approximately, 650 calories of fat burn happen in this process. Thus, blood donation boosts metabolism and helps fat burn, helping in overall weight management.

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3. Strengthens immunity

After the blood donation, the spleen revitalizes itself to produce new blood cells. Even under normal condition, the human body changes its blood once every three months. Thus, it is a misnomer that donating blood deprives you of blood. In contrast, after a blood donation, your body gets into an activation mode faster, leading to strengthened immunity.

4. Reduces stress and related risks

Overweight and stress are directly related. Thus, blood donation helps to kick away stress and its related risks like early aging and wrinkles. The feel-good hormones that are released after the blood donation also benefit your emotional health.

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5. Free health check-up

Doctors test the overall health condition and history before a person can donate blood. Thus, every blood donor undergoes a free health check-up before the donation. Besides, the blood sample is tested for HIV, West Nile Virus, hepatitis B and C, and Syphilis. Thus, at a blood camp, a donor gets a free health and blood check-up.

6. Turn into a life saviour

Blood cannot be stored for a long time. There is always a constant demand for safe blood. Thus, donating blood is a way to turn yourself into a life saviour. The satisfaction of saving a life (read, 3 lives) is priceless!

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Blood may not cost to a donor, but for a recipient, it can be priceless. Cloudely supports and encourages blood donation through its CSR initiative Sri Mathrutva Charitable Trust. Support our life-saving initiative by enrolling as a blood donor and through your generous donations. Donate now!

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