10 Career Lessons to Learn from Yoga

  • Career Lessons from Yoga

Discussing the health benefits of yoga may be a passé. Yoga is now widely recognized for helping professionals succeed in their careers. Studies reveal that yoga braces us to cope with professional challenges and excel at the workplace.

Yoga, by its principle and practice, differs from other forms of exercise. It is a holistic approach that strengthens oneself by synchronizing mind, body, and spirit. Devoting as little as 15 minutes every day to yoga can revitalize us in ways we never imagined and helps in career success. On this International Yoga Day, here are 10 career lessons to learn from yoga.

Career lesson from Yoga #1: Learning has no age

No one is too young or too old to start yoga. Right from kids as young as four years to octogenarians, every enthusiast can learn yoga from scratch and gain mastery. All it takes to attain proficiency in yoga is self-discipline, regular practice, dedication, and enthusiasm to learn.

Implement it in the workplace:

Be curious to learn any new technology or skill if the job calls for it. Either you are a fresher or a professional with decades of experience, having an appetite for learning new things lets you create an accomplished career trajectory.

Career lesson from Yoga #2: Focus on personal growth rather than competing with others

If you are a yogi or yogini, a quick rewind to the first yoga session reminds the awkwardness you felt unable to do the pose the right way. While some fellow practitioners seem to perfect the asana, some appear to do it way better than you. Plus, the tensed looks, the failing attempts to stop yourself from falling during the pose, and the struggle to hold your breath – are all the commonalities for any first-timer to yoga.

As the practice progresses, slowly comes the realization that – to perfect any pose, all that you need to do is focus on yourself.

Your breath. Your comfort levels. And your practice. Nothing else matters.

Implement it in the workplace:

Professional life can be a lot destressing the moment we stop comparing with others. Everyone’s life is different, and so is their professional journey. What must matter for professional success is – regular upskilling to meet the next challenge and delivering your best efforts to the job without focusing on or comparing with others. Upskilling, thus, turns out to be one of the career lessons from yoga that every professional must implement.

Career lesson from Yoga #3: Things do not get simple without effort

Do you know? It takes months or years to master and attain the benefit from any yoga pose. All the yoga masters that inspire us today have years of dedicated yoga practice behind them. Next time, when they make a yoga pose seem simple, don’t miss appreciating their dedication and ‘never quit’ spirit behind mastering the poses.

Implement it in the workplace:

If you are a fresher, things may seem complex and perplexing at first. Be ready to put in your best effort and try to perceive the guidance and inputs from your seniors from the yoga way.

Look at their years of experience – enriched with learning, handling challenges, successes, and failures – that made them what they are today. Learn and grow with such seniors and mentors for a bright career.

Career lesson from Yoga #4: The best things happen outside your comfort zones

In the initial days of yoga practice, practicing plough pose may make it tough to breathe. The crow pose may seem to test the strength of your hands. Kapalabhati may seem bemusing.

But once we understand the right way to do them by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, we can fully benefit from the magic of these poses.

Implement it in the workplace:

Do not hesitate to push yourself out of your comfort zones at the workplace.  Always try to give a little more than expected from you as an employee. Those additional hours you spend on learning, helping others, and taking on initiatives enrich you professionally in the long run.

Career lesson from Yoga #5: Mindfulness brings results

Our mind travels faster before we even notice it. Yoga aims at stopping the pervasion of thoughts in the right way. It emphasizes mindfulness – living in the moment – by controlling the breath. One suggestion any yoga guru gives is – focus on the breath while doing the asana. Since it is the only effective way to attain the results of the pose quickly.

Implement it in the workplace:

Focusing on what is on our plate without getting distracted from office politics, gossips, and other influences helps display our maximum efficiency. Be mindful of your role, work, goal, and career aspirations. Align your daily work routine with your short-term and long-term career goals.

Yoga for Career Success

Career lesson from Yoga #6: Rest days are important

Yoga experts suggest rest of one day per week for yoga practitioners of any level. This rest day gives the time needed for their muscles to recover, the nervous system to rejuvenate, and the body to become stronger.

Implement it in the workplace:

All work and no rest may seem exciting in the initial days of my career. Over time, it may deplete energy levels and cause workplace burnout.

Allocate enough time to pursue your passion, hobbies, health, friends, and family during holidays and weekends. Giving ample rest to your body and mind during the weekends prepares you for a productive week ahead.

Career lesson from Yoga #7: You learn more when you listen

Mastering yoga poses is all about listening to oneself. During yoga practice, our body sends us various signals related to comfort levels and bodily changes.

Yoga experts indicate that everybody uniquely responds to yoga and should listen to these signals before proceeding to advanced poses in yoga.

Thus, at its core, yoga teaches you to listen to yourself to discover your better version.

Implement it in the workplace:

Workplace brings together people of various cultures, experiences, and skillsets. Listening to their ideas and experiences enriches you both personally and professionally. Unsurprisingly, good listening – one of the unmissable career lessons from yoga, is one of the common traits of most successful leaders.

Career lesson from Yoga #8: Never refrain from taking help

Yoga is one of the subjects that one should practice under the guidance of a master. Also, another common experience for most people who attend yoga classes is taking inputs from fellow learners to do a pose correctly. Thus, yoga reminds us that taking help from others is one proven way to better ourselves.

Implement it in the workplace:

Take help from others as and when required. Never feel shy to ask doubts and clarify your confusions. Look out for seniors, colleagues, and experts who can guide you the right way in task fulfilment. Perceive taking help as a sign of gaining clarity and learning rather than as a weakness.

Career lesson from Yoga #9: Understand the potential of self-acceptance

Yoga does not differentiate anyone. It has nothing to do with one’s past or future. All that yoga believes in is – the present.

Anyone can benefit from yoga to rediscover a better version of themselves, irrespective of their past.

Implement it in the workplace:

Career success has nothing to do with one’s self-limitations. Choose the path that lets you shine the brightest and pace ahead in it. Accept yourself as you are and always strive to be your best. Always remind yourself that your past or limitations have nothing to do with your career plans and success.

Career lesson from Yoga #10: Love what you do, do what you love

In the initial days of Yoga practice, poses may seem like a tough nut to gain perfection. But once you begin experiencing their benefits, you understand the joy of doing them. No wonder many famous personalities who vouch for yoga tell that they find something missing when they drop a session of yoga from their daily routine.

Implement it in the workplace:

Career choices can be both planned and unplanned. Sometimes work seems daunting and pressing. It appears there is no way out due to professional and personal constraints. In such instances, enjoy every moment of work as it is and give your best shot.

Additionally, at any slightest hints that your career is reaching a breaking point, never refrain from switching to another profession in line with your passion and calling. Choosing a happy and non-linear career trajectory can be a lot more stress-relieving and satisfying than struggling every moment to maintain a linear one.

With these career lessons from yoga  in mind, make every day, a yoga day! Now take some deep breaths and inculcate yoga into your daily routine. Plus, don’t forget to implement these career lessons from yoga for your career success.

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