Salesforce Revenue Lifecycle Management

  • Salesforce Revenue Lifecycle Management

Revenue Lifecycle Management(RLM ) offers a set of features for automating and optimizing your revenue at scale.

What is Revenue Lifecycle Management?

Revenue Lifecycle Management is a comprehensive solution designed to automate and optimize revenue operations at scale.

Product Catalog Management and Salesforce Pricing: Streamline product and pricing management. Maintain a dynamic, centralized product catalog, and implement flexible, real-time pricing models to meet market demands.

Product Configurator: Empower sales teams with an intuitive interface to configure complex products. Use rules-based configuration and visual aids to ensure accuracy and enhance user experience.

Quoting and Ordering: Simplify and automate the quoting and ordering process. Effortlessly convert quotes to orders and manage orders from initiation to fulfillment with seamless backend integration.

Contract Management: Adapt to customer needs with streamlined contract management processes for amendments, renewals, and cancellations. Automate renewals to ensure service continuity and manage cancellations efficiently.


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Evolving beyond CPQ, this foundational product serves as a launchpad for customers eager to deploy omni-channel buying and selling experiences with base features that will expand over time on the #1 AI CRM.

Businesses have a lot to deliver on when it comes to revenue: accelerate profitable growth, increase seller efficiency, and improve customer relationships all while reducing costs. Because of this, many have realized that they need to invest in more unified, agile revenue lifecycle technology.


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Most businesses are looking at the product-to-cash lifecycle as a series of steps, rather than a unified journey. In a world where businesses need to be agile, adapting to new ways of buying, new expectations and new revenue models, this connected journey is critical.

What Challenge does Revenue Lifecycle Management solve for customers?


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Revenue Cloud can power your entire product-to-cash lifecycle across:

  • Composable product & service design to standardize product catalogs and launch new products quickly
  • Consistent price management to protect margins
  • Automated configure, price & quote to make reps more efficient
  • Streamlined contract lifecycle management to close more deals faster
  • Unified order orchestration to fulfill and configure products
  • Accurate billing and collections to collect cash faster

All layered with intelligence at every step, Salesforce Revenue Cloud can power revenue for companies in any industry, with any revenue, and of any size.

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