8 Ways How AI is Changing Contract Management

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In the technological development domain, digitalization, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are rapidly changing how we view business functionalities. Automation is the new normal and the future, and industries must adopt it swiftly across critical domains. Contract management is one such business area where AI implementation cannot be ignored.

Why automation in Contract Management?

Contracting is an indispensable activity of every business. AI and contract management software can make contract handling straightforward.

  • Studies show that despite over 70% of companies struggling to manage and access their contracts efficiently, only 5% have automated their contract management processes.
  • According to Gartner, by 2024, manual contract processing and review will reduce by 50% due to the rapid integration of AI and contract management software solutions.

This article discusses how contract management automation using AI tools can transform contract handling.

AI & Contract Management

Contracting companies face difficulties evaluating, reviewing, and managing their multi-fold contracts. AI can eliminate many bottlenecks in the contract handling process, accelerate the whole process and increase accuracy.

AI and contract management can revolutionize the entire contracting systems across business firms. Automation is the future, and AI, with its NLP and ML algorithms, can take contract management to another level unimagined.

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Here are a few ways how AI and contract management streamline contracting systems across organizations.

1. Streamlines the contract creation end-to-end

The foremost challenge of contracting is creating and understanding the deed. AI can generate suitable contract formats and automate the contract creation process, thus reducing the time and effort and ensuring that contracts are consistent and accurate.

Businesses can use AI to generate proper guidelines by following and complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

2. Helps businesses in contract analysis

AI and contract management tools can analyze contract terms and conditions, identify potential risks, and suggest ways to mitigate them.

Using advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, AI can identify key clauses, track changes, contract renewal, and negotiations, and provide contract summaries.

AI can also detect discrepancies in contract terms, making it easier to identify areas that require further negotiation. Thus, AI will defiantly revolutionize the contract-making process of businesses.

3. Provides accountability to contracts

Risk management is one of the most crucial aspects of contracting, which involves risk assessment, analysis, and reduction. When integrated with AI and contract management, it thoroughly checks, balances and reduces any risks involved.

Contract management and AI

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4. Saves time with a quick contract review feature

Contract review is a tedious process that involves analyzing and interpreting legal terms. With AI, contract review will be much faster than with manual intervention. Machine learning algorithms can quickly notice any severe contract conditions. It saves time and effort and increases the efficiency of contract review.

5. Improves contract collaborations

AI and contract management tools can improve collaboration between contractor and contractee. Automation will provide a central platform for clear communication, document sharing, and task assignment. It ensures that contracts are managed efficiently and effectively by improving the accuracy of contracts signed.

6. Cuts time and costs

Usually, a contract takes about 3 to 4 weeks to conclude. It mandates multiple rounds of negotiations and alterations, thus increasing costs and time. AI in contract lifecycle management can help businesses make crucial decisions, strategize, and make prudent contract terms that benefit the organization.

7. Improves contract visibility

AI-powered contract management software can offer real-time visibility into the contract details, making tracking the status of contract criteria, deadlines, and renewals easier. AI can also provide alerts and notifications for contract deadlines and renewals, ensuring prompt contract management.

8. Keeps contract data safe and secure

With AI software encryption tools, massive data consisting of contract terms and conditions are safe and secure in times of online fraud. AI access control systems can ensure that only authorized personnel access sensitive contract data. Any malicious attempts can be detected, notified, and alerted to authorized personnel, thus preventing fraud.

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AI can quickly track, review, analyze, suggest, and ensure contracts fulfill organizational needs. Moreover, it can also mitigate risks involved or help identify harsh contractual terms listed in the documents. Similarly, contract renewals, negotiations, and analysis become accelerated with AI implementation. Summing it up, AI and contract management can transform contracting into a technologically fresh and modernized one.

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