Dreamforce 2022 Highlights

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Dreamforce, the annual event of the global CRM leader Salesforce, is one of the most awaited global software conferences for numerous reasons. The platform that brings together brands, visionaries, leaders, and experts from the Salesforce ecosystem is renowned for the opportunity it provides to its participants to learn, share, ideate, and get inspired.

What’s more? The exclusive product launches at Dreamforce take us closer to digitally transformed future.

Dreamforce Cloudely

Image Credit: Cloudely Team at DF22

Dreamforce 2022 is unique for Salesforce as the event marks its 20th anniversary. Furthermore, the event became the stage for various launches and innovations that would change how customers experience and benefit from this global CRM leader.

Here is a quick glimpse of the product launches, innovation updates, and announcements from Dreamforce 2022.

Salesforce Genie

A remarkable announcement at Dreamforce is the launch of Salesforce Genie – a new real-time customer data platform (CDP) that is all set to change how businesses access the data lake.



Genie lets enterprises connect customer data from multiple platforms and convert them into a single customer graph, with increased efficacy and speed compared to Customer360. In other words, thanks to Genie, businesses can empower their teams to unify customer profiles and deliver hyper-customized experiences.

Net Zero Marketplace

Sustainability with action and volunteerism has always been one of the core beliefs of Salesforce. Aligning to its vision, Salesforce announced Net Zero Marketplace – a platform that makes carbon credits purchase simpler and transparent.



Driven by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Net Zero Marketplace connects buyers with pre-vetted and audited carbon credit providers involved in greenery conservation and sustainable practices.

Slack Huddle

Slack and Salesforce came together to launch their innovation that drives the future of remote and virtual collaboration in workplaces.



Slack Huddles, the latest feature from Slack, are lightweight audio calls that let team members talk to each other in real time. Designed to be inclusive and accessible, Slack Huddles could soon turn into an organization’s knowledge bank.

Salesforce Partners with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is all set to take its WhatsApp-first business messaging to a whole new level by partnering with Salesforce. Brands can now leverage WhatsApp better than ever to provide an omni-channel marketing and customer service experience. B2C brands are optimistic that this collaboration could pave way for a tremendous opportunity to stay connected with customers.

WhatsApp and Salesforce


Salesforce Deepens Partnership with AWS

Dreamforce 2022 also became the platform where AWS and Salesforce deepened their collaboration with innovations that drastically trim the time-to-value for custom AI investments, simplify the process of training and deploying ML models for production use.

Salesforce and AWS


In addition to the existing Einstein, customers can now use Amazon SageMaker, AWS’s machine learning (ML) modeling service to build customized AI models. All these integrations are driven by Salesforce Genie.

Slack adds a lot more

In addition to Slack Huddles, Slack brings forth various features by pulling in actionable data from Salesforce Customer 360 to provide more value to digital HQ.

  • Slack Canvas – a new feature that is set to transform the virtual team collaboration. Users can customize a canvas and access the data and records. Slack Canvas will be available in 2023.
  • Slack Partner Industry Solutions – Slack-certified consulting partners are ready with digital transformation solutions for industries such as financial services, manufacturing, communications, retail, media, and technology.
  • Slack in a new avatar – The new Slack platform rich in developer tools and reusable blocks is available for developers. Workflow sharing, creation and customization is now easier then ever thanks to all new Slack.

Drive your business by Salesforce

Dreamforce 2022 proved that Salesforce and its ecosystem would unfold a future where businesses and customers can communicate like never before. Let our Salesforce experts transform your business.

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