How do Salesforce Managed Services help your business?

  • Salesforce managed services help businesses

Salesforce implementation is one of the best decisions to drive business growth. It is the first and crucial step for the enterprise’s digital transformation. Industry research indicates that 90% of Salesforce implementations have enterprise-wide integrations, of which 60% have multiple Salesforce products.  However, the journey with this global leader in CRM doesn’t end here.

Given the continual updates and development of Salesforce, staying up to date with improvements, enhancements and changes can sound daunting. Salesforce managed services save the time and resources your business must invest in comprehending the 400+ pages of release documentation twice a year.

What is Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce Managed Services is a proactive approach to maximize your return on Salesforce investment. Salesforce managed services provider extends end-to-end support and handles a comprehensive range of tasks compared to your single in-house Salesforce Admin.

Organizations invest in Salesforce implementation but tend to miss the benefits of regular review, optimization, and upgradation of the CRM. Reasons can include a lack of cognizance about the importance to upgrade Salesforce to the unavailability of skilled resources.

Salesforce managed services providers fill in this void. They help clients keep the Salesforce platform up to date and proactively prevent issues that could hinder business continuity.

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What activities are included in Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce managed services are a series of processes with a comprehensive set of technical and resource-related activities. A Salesforce Managed Services provider offers consulting, deployment, expert resources, and block hours with a focus on preventing issues that might hinder your business operations.

Businesses of any size and type that utilize Salesforce CRM can benefit from Salesforce Managed Services. They can capitalize on the functionality of Salesforce and empower their sales team with the expert guidance of professional Salesforce managers and specialists.

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Key activities in Salesforce Managed Services include:

Managed service providers offer a wide range of services as below:

  • Implementation: Deploy other Salesforce Clouds and apps to build new capabilities in your Salesforce environment.
  • Customizations: Create customized dashboards, reports, campaign setups, etc.
  • Integration: Build a connected, harmonized environment by integrating your Salesforce applications with new functionality or third-party tools like ERPs, Accounting Packages, and eCommerce solutions, etc.,
  • Optimization: Identify the missed opportunities due to technical debt and unused functionality with Salesforce optimization.
  • Strategic Roadmap: Build a Salesforce Org end to end, from business goal setting to business process review and realize the value and return on investment in the long term.
  • Data Management: Set up the architecture for data collection and flow per your requirements.
  • Intuitive dashboards: Drive your business with analytics, dashboards, and reports from Salesforce org. Managed services experts help you understand these insights to aid in your business decision-making.
  • Consulting: Salesforce lets you achieve higher business value which Salesforce managed services expert will help you unleash by establishing a business and process analysis in alignment with long-term business goals.
  • Training: Managed service providers offer regular training to help your Salesforce Admin and the whole sales team stay updated with the best practices using the Salesforce platform.
  • Technical Support: With managed services, your Salesforce CRM experiences proactive and timely protection with regular system checks, bug fixing, and issue resolution. Stay assured of the helping hand managed Salesforce service experts offer. Your Admin will have more technical support and lesser issues.
  • Periodical audits and business reviews: Established managed services providers work with you to help achieve your business goals faster. Regular audits and reviews are part of their offerings which will give closer insights into KPIs, goals, business impact, and future planning and preparation.
  • Continuous enhancements: Your Salesforce org needs periodical enhancements for the continued delivery, backlog refinement, and streamlining of business processes. Your managed services provider would take care of all these enhancements, leaving you more time for higher-value business tasks.

Managed Services Cloudely

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Maximize your Salesforce ROI with Cloudely Managed Services

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