How to Grab the High Paying Jobs of 2021?

  • High paying jobs of 2021

The IT industry in both India and the US is again picking up the pace. As of date, the Indian tech industry is responsible for at least 30% of the economy. According to a McKinsey report, this share will increase to 50% by 2025. This means the Indian technology industry will account for half of its economy and contain the highest paying jobs.

A Deloitte report also expresses positivity in terms of an increasing number of jobs in the USA. Candidates who are looking to shift jobs or enter the tech industry, thus need to assess their existing skills and experience to land these highest paying jobs.

This article will highlight the high paying jobs (in no particular order) for the next 3-4 years and guide candidates on how they can acquire the requisite skills.

Full-stack developer

With most of the world working remotely for the past year and the foreseeable future, companies and individuals require high-performing websites and people to build and maintain them. This is where full-stack developers pitch in. These jobs contain two aspects: front-end and back-end.

Job 1

Pay range 

According to Indeed, candidates in the US can expect a base salary of $110,000 per year.  

Required Qualifications & Desired Courses and Certifications 

  • Candidates with a degree in computer science or computer engineering have an added advantage over others.
  • Since this job relies heavily on coding and deals with website maintenance, a solid knowledge of HTML and CSS is a must.
  • Candidates without a background in computers can demonstrate their skills by building websites on their own and displaying them on their portfolios.

Required experience 

  • 1-2 years. Those with prior experience can expect either front-end developer jobs or back end, but not full-stack since it might get overwhelming.

Software Architect

The smooth functioning of the software depends on its efficiency, which in turn depends on the architecture of the software. Although the software architect deals with only high-level issues, the decisions that the architect makes have a direct effect on the software efficiency.

Job 2

Pay range 

  • PayScale estimates software architect salary as $120,000 of total compensation, with a base salary of at least $80,000 per annum.

 Required Qualifications & Desired Courses and Certifications 

  • A software architect is responsible for designing the software and anticipating problems before they occur and solve them, so knowledge about UML is a must.
  • Most companies use JAVA, so knowledge of this programming language is helpful as well.
  • Ideal candidates are also familiar with quality assurance and providence.

Required experience 

  • At least one year of working as a software architect.

Data Scientist

It is no surprise that the amount of data that companies use and generate is increasing rapidly. Every domain is adopting data technologies to advance in its field. While these high-paying jobs related to data science are specialized and in a specific niche, they are a good fit for candidates who love to play with data.

Job 3

Pay range 

  • Entry-level data scientist jobs are also high paying jobs that make a minimum of $120,000 in base salary. Their total compensation often exceeds $200,000.

Required Qualifications & Desired Courses and Certifications 

  • Data science roles have two sides that candidates must be familiar with.
  • Candidates must be skilled at solving linear algebra problems, and fluent in probability and statistics.
  • On the programming side, Python and R are the two major programming languages that skilled data scientists use.

Required experience 

  • At least two years working as a data scientist. Entry-level candidates can demonstrate projects and certifications for these high-paying jobs.

Cloud Engineer

While software engineers design the software, cloud engineers ensure that the entire application is working perfectly online. They design solutions to problems and ensure efficient working.

Job 4

Pay range 

  • Glassdoor estimates that the cloud engineers, who have high paying jobs, make around $100,000 approximately.

Required Qualifications & Desired Courses and Certifications 

  • Knowledge about computer infrastructure and the issues that may arise is a must.
  • Candidates who know how to scale the systems will benefit during the job search process.

 Required experience 

  • At least one year of work experience as a cloud engineer or highly skilled student projects.

Python Web Developer

High paying jobs such as python developer jobs are becoming more popular by the day. These developers build and maintain web applications for a company’s clients. They may also build applications for mobile phones and laptops.

Job 5

Pay range 

  • Python web developer is among the high paying jobs, and it pays a base salary of at least $90,000 with other benefits.

Required Qualifications & Desired Courses and Certifications 

  • Projects in Python are a must.
  • Candidates who wish to begin learning Python can also opt for MIT Open Courseware courses.

Required experience 

High paying jobs such as these require candidates to have at least one year of experience working as a python developer.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybercrimes and other issues related to online security and privacy are a constant threat to the online world. A cybersecurity specialist, which is one of the high paying jobs, designs solutions for security threats. Any company that relies heavily on technology requires such specialists to secure their technology and ensure user privacy.

Job 6

Pay range 

  • A cybersecurity specialist is vital to any company that uses technology. The salary ranges from $100,000 a year to $250,000.

Required Qualifications & Desired Courses and Certifications 

  • A bachelor’s degree in programming is a must since the specialist should be fluent in programming to identify breaches.
  • Knowledge about information systems is also a valuable skill.

 Required experience 

  • At least one year of working experience as a full-time cybersecurity analyst at a company.

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Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers create solutions and implement them for companies using blockchain technology. While Blockchain may seem tough to comprehend, it is an emerging technology and many companies are increasingly adopting it.

This trend is creating many jobs across the globe, and hence candidates aiming high paying jobs should not miss Blockchain roles.

Job 7

Pay range 

The popular career website ZipRecruiter estimates that Blockchain engineers earn at least $200,000 in total compensation. The base salary varies depending on experience and knowledge, but it is at least $90,000 per annum.

Required Qualifications & Desired Courses and Certifications 

Entry-level blockchain engineers must know back-end software development. Knowledge about bitcoin is a plus.

Required experience 

At least one year of experience working as an assistant blockchain engineer.

Digital Marketing Manager

The online world runs on content and brands need to take their content closer to the audience. A digital marketing manager helps brands in establishing their online presence. They are experts in online marketing technologies and other digital solutions to promote the company’s products.

Job 8

Pay range 

The digital marketing manager is one of the high paying jobs salaried around $80,000 for technology companies.

 Required Qualifications & Desired Courses and Certifications 

  • There is no replacement for excellent communication skills.
  • Digital marketing managers need to interact with the users and other potential clients and represent the company’s products in the best light.
  • Knowledge about the company’s products and systems is a plus because it will help the managers understand their product inside out.

 Required experience 

At least a year of experience working for technology companies as a digital marketing professional.

Big Data Engineer

Alongside data science roles, roles related to Big Data are also becoming high-paying jobs. These engineers play a crucial role in the company because they manage data generation and usage of the entire company where they are working.

Job 9

Pay range 

These are high paying jobs, and the salary range for the data engineer roles is $80,000 to $160,000.

Required Qualifications & Desired Courses and Certifications 

  • This role is similar to a data science role. A computer science background is a must for high paying jobs such as these.
  • JAVA and Apache Storm are two main programming languages that engineers use to analyze big data.
  • Candidates aiming to enter this field from a different background may consider pursuing related certifications related to computer science, data structure, system design, and big data to get up to speed.

Required experience 

At least two years of experience working as a Big Data engineer in a technology company.

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Internet of Things Engineer

Internet of Things, or IoT, combines not just computer science skills, but also cloud computing and hardcore technology. IoT engineers assemble these skills into one package and goal. This goal is to work with clients to create smart solutions.

Job 10

Pay range 

  • Companies like Amazon are skilled in using IoT solutions. Their base salary is likely to be at least $130,000 for a professional with one year of experience.
  • Those with suitable education and experience can expect at least $160,000 and above as their total compensation.

Required Qualifications & Desired Courses and Certifications 

  • Knowledge about operating systems is necessary to do well in this role.
  • Knowing how to code programming applications is the minimum skill since that forms the foundation of everything that a person in this job role does.
  • Candidates must take the time to learn a diverse set of programming languages since IoT jobs do not have a specific requirement.

Required experience 

At least two years of experience working as an IoT engineer for a technology company is necessary before candidates can apply for jobs in larger companies like Amazon and Facebook.

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