Tech talent crunch: How to hire Salesforce experts?

  • Tech Talent Crunch

With the recent pandemic forcing businesses to adopt digital, companies face a new challenge – the never-before-seen tech talent crunch. Experts believe that this tech talent crunch in India and worldwide can persist for the coming decade, stall the digital transformation initiatives, and impact long-term growth strategies. Though the battle for tech talent is visible across multiple technologies, the intensity is profound for companies that hire Salesforce experts.

As we move ahead in this article, let us unveil the real reasons behind the tech talent crunch in India and worldwide, how companies can win the tech talent battles, and focus on how to hire Salesforce experts strategically.

The Tech Talent War – Like Never Before

Interestingly, the shortage of technical talent always existed. Reports find that by 2019, 79% of CEOs under this study expressed their concerns about finding technical experts. However, the demand for tech talent spiked during and after the pandemic.

But what are the real reasons for the rise in demand for technical professionals after pandemic? Studies help us understand this.

  • With Great Resignation already hitting companies hard, countries are now battling the tech talent crunch. A staggering 85 million jobs would lay vacant by 2030, which equals to US$8 trillion in unrealized revenue—$2 trillion for the United States alone.
  • According to CompTIA’s 2021 Workforce and Learning Trends report, 40% of companies recruited tech staff during the pandemic. It finds that by 2021 end, 66% have plans of expanding its technical talent pool.
  • Companies today are more determined to grow in the coming fiscal year to grab the lost opportunities and revenue in the recent past, which created a sudden acceleration in their tech hiring needs.
  • From employees’ perspective, the pandemic has been both weird and opportune. While millions lost their jobs due to the COVID-19, it also presented an unprecedented opportunity for employees to choose better employers. 
  • Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trends Index found that over 40% of employees are ready to move, in which tech professionals form the major chunk.

Salesforce Tech Talent Crunch 

CRM is one essential technology that any business needs in their efforts to embrace digital. Here is where Salesforce wins. 

Embrace Digital

According to Statista, Salesforce is the leading vendor in the global customer relationship management (CRM) applications market, with a market share of 19.5 percent in 2020.

Businesses are keen to leverage Salesforce to add momentum to their sales process and customer experience. Salesforce’s quarterly revenue growth of 28.9% even amidst pandemic stands proof for the demand the CRM has and the reason behind the market for Salesforce professionals.

On the contrary, the growth in the supply of Salesforce talent is steadily declining. 

Compared to the growth in Salesforce talent in 2019, 2020 witnessed a decline of 151%. The demand for Salesforce Technical Architects has increased by 29%, yet the supply is only 1%.

The growth in Salesforce Consulting Partners in AppExchange in 2020 was 30%.

  • In total, there are 1,859 consulting partners listed on the AppExchange.
  • Of these, 1,720 (93%) of the firms have fewer than 50 certified experts.
  • Two-thirds of all consultancies have 10 or fewer certified experts. 
  • Mid-sized firms that have 50-500 certified experts are found to be the fastest growing.
  • Even among these, the number of consultancies is comparatively few.

Experienced Salesforce professionals are more inclined to grow their business rather than working in a firm full time. This trend can create another new normal that could deepen the Salesforce tech talent crunch.

The skill gap in Salesforce is also another reason that contributes to the Salesforce tech talent crunch. Studies find that the loss in cumulative growth in the gross domestic product (GDP) of G-20 countries could amount to $11.5 trillion worth if the digital-skill gap in Salesforce is unanswered.

Strategies to hire Salesforce experts

As Salesforce continues its spree of acquisitions and keeps enriching its platform with various latest features, companies need to have an effective talent strategy to hire Salesforce experts. Here are several approaches companies can follow to hire Salesforce experts amidst this talent crunch:

Build a Salesforce Talent Pipeline

Building a talent pipeline helps companies fill the talent gaps and gears them up to grab the projects without any constraints. However, forming a Salesforce talent pipeline is more than just holding the resumes of candidates.

To build a Salesforce talent pipeline, companies must assess the need for Salesforce professionals that are expert in specific talents using insights from Salesforce Einstein for AI or Salesforce Customer 360.

The crux of forming a pipeline is in identifying passive experts that are not readily looking for an offer but are open for future collaboration in case projects of their interest arise. It is equally essential to maintain a relationship with candidates in the talent pool to develop trust in your company.

Leverage the Salesforce gig talent pool

Studies indicate that the Salesforce gig talent pool is rich and has more than 5000 professionals embracing the Salesforce gig economy. With many Salesforce professionals keen on taking their side hustle into a full-time business, the Salesforce gig talent pool will only widen in the near future, presenting a lucrative opportunity for companies to leverage Salesforce gig talent.

Offer training to potential employees

Skilling up existing employees is another effective talent strategy to combat the Salesforce talent crunch. Besides, it encourages employee retention and encourages employees to develop their skills and be promotion ready.

Hence, performing a skill-gap analysis in the team and providing them the necessary training and certifications helps increase the count of your certified experts.

Benefit from Salesforce Managed Services Providers

Statistics indicate that it takes around 42 days on average to hire a technical expert. Besides, the chances of retention even after a successful hire are slim. There is always a 1 in 5 probability that the hired expert my leave within the first 45 days.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs cannot afford to lose professionals after hiring or investing this long-time range to hire Salesforce experts. Tying up with a dedicated Salesforce recruitment agency can eliminate such hiring complexities and help businesses to hire Salesforce experts faster.

By partnering with a Salesforce recruitment agency, your business can stay assured of the Salesforce talent pipeline. Besides alleviating the burden on recruitment teams, it can empower you to make more revenue by preparing you to grab the incoming projects.

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